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Sure hope Sen. President Wagle doesn’t (also) ignore conservatives E-mail
Friday, 29 March 2013 15:34


By Larry Phillips

L&T Managing Editor

Obama continued his assault on the Second Amendment again Thursday – namely because it has been 100 days since the Newtown murders, and his base is very impatient. They consider him a failure for not taking advantage of a good catastrophe.

Here in Kansas, it seems, we’re having trouble passing a Second Amendment Protection Act in our own Republican-controlled Senate.

I received news Wednesday the senate’s version of HB 2199, which passed the Kansas House of Representatives with around 90 votes, passed out of the Federal and State Committee of the Senate.

However, I also received news that Senate President Susan Wagle may be thinking about not allowing the bill to reach the floor for a full vote before the Senate.

I was absolutely flabbergasted hearing that, and sent off an e-mail telling her so, and the lack of a full vote is unacceptable to Southwestern Kansans.

I also notified many of my friends who support the act asking them to let her know their feelings.

A short while after e-mailing her office, I sent another, as an official newspaper question from an editor. I asked her or her office to issue a statement “Why” she would do something like that. I told her our readers would like to know her reasoning.

I have heard from a local friend that he got a response Wednesday from Wagle, but discovered it was a form letter exactly like his friend received. Unfortunately, the form letter says she supports the Second Amendment, but doesn’t say what she’s going to do.

Finally, on Thursday afternooon, I received the same “form” letter. She boasts of having an A+ rating from the NRA, but leaves me hanging with this statement: “At this current time, there are a number of proposals making their way through the legislative process that would expand protections for gun owners and concealed carry permit holders. As the 2013 regular session comes to a close, know that these pieces of legislation are on my list of top priorities. I am continually meeting with my colleagues in the House and Senate to draft the final product that best serves the people of our state.”

My question is what’s wrong with the words in HB 2199 that passed the House?

Our situation needs Wagle’s attention because of Obama’s latest anti-Constitutional charade. It actually turned out to be quite distasteful to me. I’m probably wrong, but when he drags out the mothers of the children of Newtown to use for political pressure, it disgusts me.

Here is how Rachel Rose Hartman at Yahoo! News/The Ticket put it Thursday afternoon:

“President Barack Obama spoke at the White House with rows of grieving mothers behind him and publicly implored Congress to pass gun-reform legislation 100 days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shootings in Newtown, Conn.”

She also noted, “As the mothers of children killed by gun violence wiped away tears, the president went on to urge the passage of background checks for gun buyers …”

A story published in the Leader & Times Thursday, points to how current criminal checks by the FBI prevented a bad guy from buying a real gun in Massachusetts.

Here’s part of the AP story.

“WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A Worcester man charged with breaking into a vacant home had an honest answer when police asked him why he was carrying a pellet gun. The suspect told officers he was denied a permit to carry a real gun.

“Chief Gary Gemme says such honesty in a criminal suspect is unusual, but added that it’s proof that ‘the system we have in place works.’”

By the way, anybody buying a gun today – a real gun – has to get approval from the FBI after it runs a criminal check.

As the Obama Administration continues its efforts to disarm honest, law-abiding citizens, we need to make sure we in Kansas aren’t having our wishes ignored by a lone Senate President – who was elected to her position by the Republican majority.

Bottom line is we’re left wondering what’s going on with Sen. Wagle.

Sen. Garrett Love has said she is pro-Second Amendment, and that Love believes the Senate will get to the bill next week.

We certainly hope so. It would be foolish for her to ignore the wishes of Southwest Kansas voters, or in fact, a majority of conservatives in the state on this matter. Steve Morris made those kinds of mistakes for too many years.


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