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Hugoton girls win home meet, Heights third PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 09:49


Leader & Times
The Hugoton Lady Eagles managed to squeeze by the Ulysses Lady Tigers by 4.5 points to claim the title at the Hugoton Invitational Track Meet. Nicole Kinser took gold in the long jump, triple jump, and 200 meters, and the team won the 4x100 meter relay. Nayelly LaPoint won Southwestern Heights only gold in the Javelin.
On the boys side, Hugoton finished second behind Ulysses. Patrick Weaver claimed gold in the 800 and 1600 meters; Jacob Martin won the 3200 meters, and Fisher Hewitt won the triple jump. The Eagles also took first in the 4x800 meters.
1.Hugoton, 111.50, 2.Ulysses, 107, 3.SW Heights, 69, 4.Guymon, 67, 5.Stanton County, 62, 6.Lakin, 59.50, 7.Satanta, 32, 8.Moscow 29, 9.Elkhart, 19.
1.Ulysses, 158, 2.Hugoton, 122. 3.Stanton County, 102, 4.Elkhart, 43, 5.Guymon, 40, 6.Lakin, 34, 7.Moscow, 23, 8.SW Heights, 22.50.
100 Meter Dash—4.BayLee Hoskinson, Hugoton, 13.44, 6.Estefani Armendariz, Hugoton, 13.70.
200 Meter Dash—1.Nicole Kinser, Hugoton, 26.99, 5.Kyndra Friend, SW Heights, 27.89.
400 Meter Dash—2.Emma Stalker, Satanta, 1:05.68, 3.Joanette Alvadrez, SW Heights, 1:07.46, 5.Jackie Garcia, Hugoton, 1:10.07.
800 Meter Run—5.Maria Cecenas, Moscow, 2:44.95, 6.Kelsi Mueller, Moscow, 2:46.87.
1600 Meter Run—3.Sarah Johnson, Hugoton, 6:13.25, 4.Cecenas, Moscow, 6:14.08, 5.Yessenia Villa, Elkhart, 6:17.80, 6.Shelby Cline, Elkhart, 6:26.54.
3200 Meter Run—2.Maria Martinez, Hugoton, 13:42.41, 6.Alexandria Chandler, SW Heights, 14:49.80.
100 Meter Hurdles—1.Kaitlyn Dobie, Moscow, 16.83, 4.Keely Hittle, Hugoton, 17.73.
300 Meter Hurdles—3.Dobie, Moscow, 51.54, 5.Valerie Caro, Satanta, 52.97.
4x100 Meter Relay—1.Hugoton, 51.70, 2.SW Heights, 52.68, 4.Satanta, 55.90, 5.Elkhart, 1:00.81.
4x400 Meter Relay—3.Hugoton, 4:40.29, 4.Elkhart, 4:55.90.
4x800 Meter Relay—3.Hugoton, 11:17.03.
High Jump—2.Dannah White, Elkhart, 4’-10”, 3.Madison Angell, SW Heights, 4’-10”, 4.Emma Stalker, Satanta, 4’-08”, 5.Catie LeNeve, Hugoton, 4’-06”.
Pole Vault—3.Ivon Amparan, SW Heights, 7’, 5.Alexamdria Chandler, SW Heights, 6’-06”, 6.Emily Jacobs, SW Heights, 6’-06”.
Long Jump—1.Kinser, Hugoton, 16’-11”, 2.Caro, Satanta, 15’-05”, 3.Madison Angell, SW Heights, 15’-05”, 4.Jackie Loya, SW Heights, 14’-06.75”, 5.Ana Pena, Hugoton, 14’-06.25”, 6.Kacee Hoskinson, Elkhart, 14’-02”.
Triple Jump—1.Kinser, Hugoton, 36’-01.5”, 2.Pena, Hugoton, 31’-09.75”, 3.Caro, Satanta, 31’-06”, 4.Jacobs, SW Heights 31’-04.5”, 5.Chandler, SW Heights, 30’-08”, 6.Bailey Haynes, Hugoton, 29’-10.5”.
Shot Put—3.Enddy Bojorquez, Hugoton, 31’-10.5” 4.Celia Chavez, SW Heights, 31’-01”, 5.Karessa Nordyke, Hugoton, 30’-07”.
Discus—3.Nordyke, Hugoton, 93’-09”, 4.Bojorquez, Hugoton, 86’-11”, 6.Shanie Howe, Elkhart, 74’-04”.
Javelin—1.Nayelly LaPoint, SW Heights, 116’-04”, 2.Jackie Loya, SW Heights, 106’-02.5”, 3.Mueller, Moscow, 95’-05”, 4.Taylor Fiss, Hugoton, 87’-02.5”, 6. Nordyke, Hugoton, 77’-10”.
100 Meter Dash—4.Jordan Forbit, Elkhart, 11.67.
200 Meter Dash—4 Forbit, Elkhart, 23.43, 6.Jorge Montoya, Hugoton, 23.78.
400 Meter Dash—1.Forbit, Elkhart, 50.75, 5.Manuel Mendez, Hugoton, 55.42.
800 Meter Run—1.Patrick Weaver, Hugoton, 1:57.17, 3.Israel Barco, Elkhart, 2:06.03, 4.Peter Wiebe, SW Heights, 2:10.25, 5.Luis Castro, Hugoton, 2:11.98, 6.Issac Castro, Hugoton, 2:12.25.
1600 Meter Run—1.Weaver, Hugoton, 4:43.85, 2.Issac Castro, Hugoton, 4:51.18, 3. Wiebe, SW Heights, 4:51.72, 4.Israel Barco, Elkhart, 4:59.04.
3200 Meter Run—1.Jacob Martin, Hugoton, 10:31.30, 2.Wiebe, SW Heights, 10:40.65, 3.Ulises Armendariz, Hugoton, 10:46.51, 4.Barco, Elkhart, 10:50.93.
110 Meter Hurdles—3.Israel Tinoco, Hugoton, 16.63, 6.Caleb Gayer, Hugoton, 18.58.
300 Meter Hurdles—2.Avery Nichols, Ulysses, 41.68, 3.Brad Hemann, Hugoton, 42.93, 6.Gayer, Hugoton, 47.23.
4x100 Meter Relay—5.Satanta, 49.33.
4x400 Meter Relay—2.Hugoton, 3:36.36, 6.Satanta, 4:06.31.
4x800 Meter Relay—1.Hugoton, 8:32.58, 5.Satanta, 9:29.98.
Pole Vault—2.Logan Frederick, Hugoton, 12’-06”.
Long Jump—3.Fisher Hewitt, Hugoton, 19’-05”, 4.Mitchell Persinger, Hugoton, 19’-02.5”, 5.Carlos Dominguez, Hugoton, 19’-01”.
Triple Jump—1.Hewitt, Hugoton, 39’-10”, 5.Brad Hemann, Hugoton, 37’-11”, 6.Trathen Stanfill, Satanta, 37’-09”, 6.Efrain Chavez, SW Heights, 37’-09”
Shot Put—2.Rigo Bustillos, Moscow, 46’-09.75”, 3.Wesley Higgins, Elkhart, 44’-08.25”. Discus Throw—1.Bustillos, Moscow, 142’-06”, 4.Jaron Thompson, Moscow, 118’-08”.
Javelin—2.Weaver, Hugoton, 149’-11.5”, 3.Higgins, Elkhart, 141’-11.5”, 4.Jorge Delatorre, SW Heights, 131’-10.5”, 6.Alexis Manriquez, Moscow, 126’-08.5”.

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