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Meade boys capture Hi-Plains League title PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 May 2013 14:36


Leader & Times

The Meade boys’ track team took home the title of Hi-Plains League Champions, and the girls finished second, just 4.5 points behind first-place Cimarron. The Southwestern Heights girls finished third.

Meade’s Trevin Wiens won four individual golds in the 100, 200, 400, and long jump. Tarah Wiens of Meade won the 100, 200, long jump, and anchored the 4x100 meter relay team.

Regional meets will take place Friday with 2A teams heading to Sublette, and 3A teams heading to Holcomb.


Cimarron, 139.5, 2.Meade, 135, 3.SW Heights, 67, 4.Stanton County, 54, 5.Lakin, 48, 6.Satanta, 46, 7.Elkhart, 28, 8.Sublette, 20, 9.Syracuse, 16.5.


1.Meade, 117, 2.Stanton County, 3.Cimarron, 78, 4.Lakin, 64, 5.Elkhart, 52, 6.Sublette, 46, 7.SW Heights, 42, 8.Syracuse, 31, 9.Satanta, 18.


100 meter dash—1.Tarah Wiens, Meade, 12.87, 3.Kyndra Friend, 13.27, 4.Natalie Thompson, Meade, 13.27, 5.Isabel Chavez, SW Heights, 13.89, 6.Dannah White, Elkhart, 13.89.

200 meter dash—1.Wiens, Meade, 27.10, 3.Vanessa Caro, Satanta, 28.01, 4.Friend, SW Heights, 28.02, 5.White, Elkhart, 29.10, Joanette Alvadrez, SW Heights, 29.36.

400 meter dash—2.Emma Stalker, Satanta, 1:02.95, 4.Riley Matteson, Sublette, 1:05.84, 6.Alvadrez, SW Heights, 1:06.98.

800 meter run—1.Yessenia Villa, Elkhart, 2:35.73, 2.Jacqueline Clawson, Meade, 2:38.28, 5.Hannah Miller, Meade, 2:43.70.

1600 meter run—3.Villa, Elkhart, 6:02.21, 6.Shelby Cline, Elkhart, 6:28.03.

3200 meter run—3.Michaela Goliher, Meade, 14:20.73, 4.Taylor Davis, Meade, 15:19.01.

100 meter hurdles—2.Jayden Ruzdik, Meade, 16.84, 4.Caro, Satanta, 18.06, 5.Taylor Watson, Sublette, 18.91, 6.Hanna McKenzey, Elkhart, 19.51.

300 meter hurdles—3.Caro, Satanta, 50.32, 4.Rudzik, Meade, 52.13, 5.Watson, Sublette, 52.73, 6.Mackenzie Moshier, Meade, 53.64.

4x100 meter relay—1.Meade (Thompson, Amber Koons, Kinzie Friesen, Weins), 52.52, 2.SW Heights (Jackie Loya, Friend, Nayelly LaPoint, Madison Angell), 52.93, 3.Satanta (Valerie Caro, Veronica Longoria, Vanessa Caro, Stalker0, 53.25.

4x400 meter relay—2.Satanta (Vanessa Caro, Longoria, Valerie Caro, Stalker), 4:20.65, 3.Meade (Koons, Clawson, Moshier, Thompson), 4:28.16

4x800 meter relay—2.Meade (Clawson, Koons, Miller, Moshier), 10:55.94.

High jump—2.Stalker, Satanta, 5’, 3.Angell, SW Heights, 5’, 5.Lauren Dewell, Meade, 4’-10”.

Pole vault—4.Ivon Amparan, SW Heights, 8’, 5.Emily Jacobs, SW Heights, 6’, 6.Chandler, SW Heights, 6’.

Long jump—1.Wiens, Meade, 17’-3.52”, 3.Matteson, Sublette, 16’-1”, 5.Loya, SW Heights, 15’-2”, 6.Angell, SW Heights, 14’-11”.

Triple jump—1.Kinzie Friesen, Meade, 35’-6”, 2.Thompson, Meade, 33’-10.5”, 4.Jacobs, SW Heights, 32’-5.25, 5.Matteson, Sublette, 31’-3.25, 6.Chandler, SW Heights, 31’-1”.

Shot put—2.Madison Reichmann, Meade, 34’-3.5”, 3.Brenna Fischer, Meade, 32’-2”, 4.Rudzik, Meade, 30’-2”, 5.Celia Chavez, SW Heights, 29’-10.5”.

Discus—3.Shanie Howe, Elkhart, 80’-9”, 4.Reichmann, Meade, 80’, 5.Chavez, SW Heights, 79’-”.

Javelin—1.Nayelly LaPoint, SW Heights, 121’-5”, 3.Amparan, SW Heights, 105’-8”, 4.Loya, SW Heights, 99’-6”, 5.Reichmann, Meade, 93’-2”.


100 meter dash—1.Trevin Wiens, Meade, 10.85, 3.Chris Hardaway, Meade, 11.43, 6.Anthony Sanchez, Satanta, 12.16.

200 meter dash—1.Wiens, Meade, 23.11, 2.Jordan Forbit, Elkhart, 3.Kyler Line, Sublette, 24.19, 5.Sky Davis, Sublette, 24.71.

400 meter dash—1.Wiens, Meade, 49.68, 2.Forbit, Elkhart, 51.71, Israel Barco, Elkhart, 55.56.

800 meter run—3.Peter Wiebe, SW Heights, 2:12.17.

1600 meter run—1.Barco, Elkhart, 4:48.21, 2.Wiebe, SW Heights, 4:48.59, 5.Chris Paul, SW Heights, 5:05.30.

3200 meter run—1.Wiebe, SW Heights, 10:24.88, 2.Barco, Elkhart, 10:30.23, 5.Pablo Gonzales, Satanta, 11:07.17.

110 meter hurdles—1.Hayden Borth, Meade, 15.66, 4.Tyler Meraz, Sublette, 18.32.

300 meter hurdles—1.Hardaway, Meade, 41.19, 2. Borth, Meade, 41.56, 6.Meraz, Sublette, 46.56.

4x100 meter relay—2.Sublette (Chavarria, Sebastian Morales, Jake Gesling, Line), 45.52.

4x400 meter relay—1.Sublette (Chavarria, Line, Gesling, Lester Withers), 3:35.48.

High jump—3.Jesus Garcia, Satanta, 5’-6”.

Pole vault—5.Scott Holmes, SW Heights, 10’-6”, 6.Wyatt Brown, Sublette, 9’-6”.

Long jump—1.Wiens, Meade, 21’-0.5”, 3.Hardaway, Meade, 20’-3.5”, Trathen Stanfill, Satanta, 18’-10.25”.

Triple jump—2.Gesling, Sublette, 40’-11.25”, 3.Hardaway, Meade, 39’11.5”, 4.Holmes, SW Heights, 38’-3.75”, 5.Chavez, SW Heights, 38’-2”, 6.Bennett Miller, Satanta, 37’-4.5”.

Shot put—1.Morgan Davis, Meade, 45’-7”, 2.Wesley Higgins, Elkhart, 43’-1”, 3.Randy Friesen, Meade, 41’-3.5”.

Discus—1.Davis, Meade, 142’-6”, 4.Delatorre, SW Heights, 107’-3”, 5.Chavira, Sublette, 99’-8”, 6.Ethan Reichmann, Meade, 98’-11”.

Javelin—4.Higgins, Elkhart, 147’-8”, 5.Delatorre, SW Heights, 144’-1”.

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