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Dictatorship: Impossible you say? E-mail
Friday, 07 June 2013 13:44

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips


I‘ve heard many times in political debates with friends it would be impossible for a dictator to take over America, especially considering our form of government – and because of our Constitution. I’ve generally believed that myself, not wanting to listen to some of my acquaintances who are sure Obama is attempting just that.
With the most recent story uncovered by the Guardian in London, I’m beginning to hear some of my arguments against the possibility of a dictatorship coming back to haunt me.
Besides the Benghazi fiasco, where despite White House spokesman Jim Karney’s blatant attempts to spread misinformation, the CIA did not change the “talking points” about what happened there, Obama goes ahead and promotes Susan Rice to be his National Security Advisor. 
A woman who either lied to the American People for days – or who had so little knowledge of what was going on in Libya that it proves she is unfit for that position no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.
The day before he promoted Rice, Obama challenged all conservatives to get out of the way for three liberal judges he’s nominated to the U.S. appeals court in Washington. Several national pundits noted no other president has done that in recent memory – hold a press conference to nominate three appeals judges, with veiled threats.
One surmised Obama used those two days (judges and Rice) to try and deflect mounting pressure on him and his Cabinet secretaries from all the other scandals.
Ironically, shortly after he got the media talking about Rice, the Guardian in London shatters his deflections.
It seems the paper produced an internal ruling from judge Roger Vinson, a judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, (never heard of that one) that forced Verizon U.S. to produce electronic copies of, and I quote: “All call detail records or ‘telephony metadata’ created by Verizon for communications between the United States and abroad; or wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls” to the National Security Agency.
That’s right, another judge caved to the FBI’s request to look at millions of people’s incoming and outgoing calls, purportedly looking for bad guys.
To see this “secret document,” CLICK HERE
It’s tough to believe it not only happened – the order is for all those calls from April 25, 2013 to July 19, 2013 (daily) – but is ongoing right here in the United States of America.
In the judge’s ruling, he also noted, “It is further ordered that no person (in Verizon) shall disclose to any other person that the FBI or NSA has sought or obtained tangible things under this order.”
Strange how this “secret order” got to a newspaper in London. That will probably outrage Attorney General Eric Holder to the point of more lies to pressure judges to get phone records of more journalists.
See where this all goes back to?
And it makes sense if one is trying to create a dictatorship.
First, appoint someone to head the Justice Department that will do whatever you tell him to do – with total, blind loyalty. And trust that the person, Holder, will disobey all laws we the people have to obey because, simply put, he can. He has the backing of Obama, who has already used “executive privilege” to save him from House of Representatives’ subpoenas.
I look for this dark, ominous history to repeat itself over the IRS debacle and the journalists’ phone records scam.
If you have the right secretaries in the Cabinet, they, too, can pretty much take over just about everything.
Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, can decide who she lets in this country and who she refuses to deport. She controls all the international airports across the country, and she is not shy about twisting the truth either.
Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, will determine who gets treatment under ObamaCare and how many of Obama’s friends, like unions, get waivers from ObamaCare.
Jack Lew, Treasury Department Secretary, who heads the IRS and knew his people were targeting conservative groups in mid-March, can still “sic” the IRS on you. And, he’s hiring 16,500 more agents to round up and fine those who don’t purchase insurance under ObamaCare.
How do think that’s going to work out?
Of course, there are three keys to any successful overthrow of our Republic: 
One is you must have someone like Holder there refusing to obey laws and the Constitution. If the chief executive of the country protects Holder’s lawlessness through “executive privileges,” who’s going to police either of them? 
They have both shown total disdain to the Legislative branch.
Number 2 is having the majority of judges in the judicial branch supporting Obama and the Left’s agenda with not only rulings but legislating from the bench, which is totally unconstitutional.
Three is “We the People.”
Unfortunately, Obama has 47.8 million of them feeding from the government trough on food stamps. That’s 15 percent of the population – nearly double the rate in 1975. Millions of others are living off the taxes of those who still work for a living. That’s not sustainable, and they’ll be the first to be thrown into the poor house when the dam brakes, but they don’t see it that way. 
No, I’m not so sure any more that it’s impossible to create a dictatorship in America. Maybe some skeptics out there are onto something.
For me, I will continue to watch what all these people are up to, that’s if the media will shine its light into the grungy dark corners of this administration and its Cabinet secretaries.


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