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Barack Obama is America’s poverty President, says Catholic leader E-mail
Friday, 15 November 2013 11:01

By Columnist Jim Kouri

Friday’s (Nov. 8) U.S. Department of Labor report that 720,000 American workers have left the labor force is prima facie evidence of President Barack Obama’s total indifference to the sufferings of millions of Americans looking for work, the leader of a Roman Catholic organization based in Chicago said on Friday.

The Labor Department’s abysmal jobs report comes on the heels of a report Wednesday by the Census Bureau that America’s poor and destitute have been miscalculated – intentionally or unintentionally – by at least 3 million people. The report estimates that the actual number of impoverished people living in the United States is actually 49.5 million men, women and children, according to Brian Burch, President of CatholicVote.org

“The news that 720,000 people gave up looking for a job last month is a crushing indictment of President Obama’s indifference to the working-class and low-income Americans. Millions of American families are feeling the squeeze from Obama’s failed economic policies and have given up trying to find a job,” said Burch.

“After five years, it is clear that Obama has no credible economic plan and nothing to offer America’s most vulnerable other than more of the same. With nearly 50 million Americans in poverty, Barack Obama has become the Poverty President,” Burch said.

According to political strategist Michael Baker, the only time Obama and his minions discuss jobs and the economy is when there is a scandal or Obamacare’s website is malfunctioning or Obama is caught lying to Americans or misleading them.

“While attempting to shove his amnesty plan down the throats of Americans, Obama made the claim that giving 11 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship will strengthen the economy and create jobs, but he fails to explain how that can possibly happen,” Baker said. “And the news media cannot be counted on to question their beloved president no matter how much he abuses the truth and the American people.”

The swelling number of unemployed has not only resulted in protracted economic hardship for many American families, but it’s also brought immeasurable suffering to people who feel robbed of the dignity that comes from work, according to Burch.

“Pope Francis recently said that honest work was essential to a person’s dignity,” Burch said.

“That’s why unemployment should never be thought only as a number. We’re talking about real people, neighbors, friends and their families – struggling under today’s economic policies,” Burch said. “Every minute of inaction and gridlock from Washington only causes more pain.

“It’s easy for a priest to come and tell the poor to have courage,” said the Holy Father.

But he assured those present he really meant it, and called for dignified work for all. “Where there is no work” said Pope Francis “there is no dignity.”

Said Burch: “For a record number of Americans, there is simply no work, and therefore no dignity. For the sake of our fellow citizens, it’s time we face reality and demand real change.”

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