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Obama-Iran agreement is ‘definition of a bad deal,’ says House chairman E-mail
Friday, 29 November 2013 11:25

By Columnist Jim Kouri

While in the Philippines on Sunday, Rep. Trent Franks, chairman of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus and the original author of the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act, and other lawmakers reacted with alarm to President Barack Obama’s stated overnight agreement with Iran.

Rep. Franks claims the Obama-Iran agreement is “truly, the very definition of a bad deal...”

“This accord amounts to Mr. Obama crossing his fingers and hoping that the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism -- which has sent hundreds of thousands of child soldiers to their deaths, has armed the militants killing Americans abroad, and has called for the destruction of both Israel and the United States -- will behave reasonably,” said Congressman Franks.

While the Obama administration released a modified version of the agreement, the Iranian press released it in what they claim is its entirety.

In response, Senator Bob Corker, R-Texas, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Fox News Sunday that “Iran was celebrating because its deal overnight with the U.S. and five other world powers allows it to continue to enrich uranium while getting billions in crippling sanctions lifted.”

The Iranian-controlled Fars News Agency reports that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed the success of the country’s negotiating team in the Geneva talks with the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany), and underlined that Iran will continue making progress in scientific and technological fields as the country’s martyred nuclear scientists had desired.

Some observers believe that the reason for this sudden “ Iranian deal” is President Obama’s desire for “positive press” in order to downplay the fiasco of the Obamacare rollout and the discovery of the Obama White House’s mendacity, said former political consultant Michael Baker.

“The U.S. has been trying to effectively deal with the Iranian situation for years and suddenly Obama and his minions, including Secretary of State John Kerry, are able to achieve the goal of stopping Iran’s nuclear program overnight? Once again our Commander in Chief treats the American people like chumps,” said Baker.

According to Rep. Franks, “In announcing this agreement, Mr. Obama said the ‘limitations…cut off Iran’s most likely paths to a bomb.’ Truly, the very definition of a bad deal is one in which Iran is not fully and unequivocally prevented from ultimately obtaining a nuclear weapons capability. And by Mr. Obama’s own admission, this plan does not entirely rule out such a scenario.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Rouhani, who campaigned for the Iranian presidency on his record of building up Iran’s nuclear program, praised the agreement claiming that it respects Iran’s ‘nuclear rights.’”

“The deal President Obama has described will naively leave in place Iran’s ability to enrich uranium as we predicted he would. This is the gravest of mistakes. Mr. Obama’s track record on foreign policy is that of one failure after another. However, in this case the error may ultimately lead to a nuclear arms capable Iran and the world stepping into the shadow of nuclear terrorism. Posterity will hold this President culpable if that occurs,” Franks said while in Manila.

Sen. Bob Cornyn, R-Texas, was among the most critical of the deal that President Obama is hailing as a historic and “important first step.”

Cornyn wrote in a Twitter message: “Amazing what WH will do to distract attention from O-care...”

“This agreement also immediately places Israel in the most untenable of positions. Mr Obama’s political determination to make a deal with Iran at any cost, even if it endangers the peace and security of our closest allies as well as our children’s future, will become apparent in the long run, and history will discover that the price the world may have to pay to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran in the future will far outweigh the price we could have paid to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from gaining nuclear weapons,” Franks warned.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a “historic mistake,” telling his Cabinet on Sunday that the U.S. Commander in Chief allowed Iran to take “a significant step toward attaining the most dangerous weapon in the world.”

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