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Big Government the new religion in America E-mail
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 12:44

By L&T Publisher Earl Watt

Mr. Courtney and I had some spirited discussions in his college Government class at Seward County, and we disagreed on a number of issues, but we agreed on our mutual respect for the opposition.

Mr. Courtney, a Democrat, said that if the Democrats weren’t the majority he preferred the Republicans next because the two groups were much closer to American values than other political groups like socialists or libertarians.

That mutual respect has vanished since government has become the new religion.

As with all religions, there has to be a battle between good and evil.

If both groups are seen as reasonable, then all ideas have merit. If one group’s ideas continually lose, then the battle changes from the idea to an attack on their faith.

We hear it often that the problem with the liberal agenda isn’t the idea but its messaging.

So the tactics of those who put their faith in government have changed to become war wagers.

Instead of having a real debate on abortion, we are now talking about a “war on women.”

Instead of having a real debate on economic opportunity, we now have a “war on the middle class.”

We can’t discuss the advantages of coal without starting a “war on the environment.”

And if you disagree with the president in any way, it’s not because of policies, it’s because you are fighting a “war on minorities.”

Every religion has its own version of sin, and this is especially true of those who worship at the Big Government altar.

The biggest of these has been racism, whether the offender was aware of his transgression or not.

Any disagreement with the African-American president is automatically guilty of it.

As soon as you utter the words, “I disagree with the president,” the Big Government Believers, with their media wing in full swing, label you a racist.

The Big Government Believers have started a jihad of their own, and the opposition is not simply a respected person with a different view, they are the enemy, the manifestation of Satan.

BG Disciples use propaganda to promote government programs.

Any of this sound familiar?

There is no acceptable alternatives.

Like other religions, they need funding, but where most religions rely on voluntary giving, the Big Government Believers fund their efforts by taking the money from nonbelievers.

They dress it up with names like “redistributing the wealth,” but what they are really doing is disincentivizing anyone from trying to accumulate their own resources. Someone might be saving up to buy a hotdog stand, or two, or a whole chain of them, but the Big Government Disciples will determine who wins and loses, not those willing to sacrifice for themselves. That is a sin. You sacrifice for government programs, not for personal gain or for your family.

Individualism is a sin.

We are now divided into two camps — those who place 100 percent of their faith in Big Government, and those that do not.

Faith in America is not the same. You can believe in your neighbors, your community and your family, but that is dangerous to those who believe in Big Government. They try to replace your belief in America with having faith in them.

Our government is not our country. That is blasphemy to the BG Disciples, and they will use every asset at their disposal against you — the NSA, IRS or the mass media. No religion, especially in its infancy, is free from persecuting others. Even Christians had the Inquisition.

Yes, this new faith is waging a war in America, a holy war, because they cannot win a debate on the ideas. For five years, it has worked. Big Government has grown to dictate more of your life, to keep you from these mortal sins against the ruling papacy.

Have you inadvertently become one of the followers, brainwashed by the message, or have you been able to see through this false religion of government worship?

Let’s pray that America only smells but does not drink the Kool-Aid.

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