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Food nazis make me sick E-mail
Friday, 10 January 2014 14:52

• By Managing Editor Larry Phillips

The continuous push to control our lives by the leftist elite, i.e. the Obama Adminstration and his Big Government followers can be seen in almost every Cabinet department in Washington, from the EPA to the USDA.

Where to start?

Let’s just take a look at the Food and Drug Adminstration and its supporters in Democrat-controlled states.

An article by Baylen Linnekin was published Jan. 3 at FoxNews.com concerning “how the government plans to dictate what's on your dinner table in 2014.”

Linnekin  writes about “food freedom” issues the FDA has slated for action in 2014. Though I’m sure there are more, Linnekin kept his list somewhat short.

• Restricting or banning food ingredients.

“The FDA has proposed banning oils containing trans fats, an ingredients found in foods like coffee creamers and muffins,” Linnekin noted. The FDA is also considering restrictions on sodium and caffeine.

• Forget your raw milk.

FDA and some states are banning the sale of raw milk – for you safety, naturally.

• New York soda ban not over.

Even though former NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban was overturned in court, his successor, Bill DeBlasio, “has vowed to forge ahead with the soda ban.” Look for the FDA to probably support the ban in the appeals courts.

• Do farmers need help?

The 2014 Farm Bill could cost taxpayers millions, yet it may also affect what’s available for the table.

• “FDA’s proposed food safety rules could hurt farmers, raise food costs.”

“Advocates for small farmers were up in arms in 2013 over proposed FDA food safety rules that could bury them in pointless, costly red tape,” Linnekin wrote. “Even the FDA admitted the rules, which would cost nearly $1 billion each year, would only make food up to 5.7 pecent safer. While the FDA recently scrapped the proposed rules and will go back to the drawing board in 2014, there’s no promising the next round of proposed rules will be any better.”

• Be ready for FDA menu labeling rules.

“One underreported element of ObamaCare is that it requires the FDA to enact nationwide menu labeling rules. The rules would require many chain restaurants to provide calorie counts on most menu items, but what about pizza delivery chains like Domino’s which has 34 million different ways to order a pizza? What about grocery stores with a salad bar?” Linnekin asked.

• Say goodbye to food trucks.

Food trucks “face existential threats from regulators in cities nationwide – including Alexandria, Va., Birmingham, Ala., Lexington, Ky., and San Diego, Calif.,” the article pointed out.

• What are GMOs?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are used to scare the average consumers into agreeing all foods with GMOs need to be labeled. Look for government to mandate these rules more in 2014.

• Can’t market to kids.

“Companies that advertise foods that parents buy for kids are often vilified by a segment of the public health community,” Linnekin noted. “Food companies may indeed want kids to nag parents to buy their foods, but parents and guardians – not kids – determine what kids eat.”

But, as all of us that cherish individual liberty and the God-given right to eat what we want, the elitists no better than us and pursecute us and use government to strip us of those rights “in the name of public health” – or safety – or whatever they dream up.

It doesn’t seem to bother those elitists that their constant attacks on common sense make me throw up.

What about my health?

Maybe they should be banned from Washington or any other legistlative body in the country – because they make me sick.

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