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It’s time to change the direction of this country E-mail
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:55

By Jim Rice of Liberal


We have tried for years to change the way Washington works. For as many years, we have resolved to elect many of the same representatives over and over, each time expecting a different result.

For years that change has always been bigger government, increased regulation, higher taxes, less freedoms and an ever increasing national debt.

A result of the past couple of elections, our debt has nearly doubled the entire total from the beginning – and today, is well over $17 trillion and still growing. Our congressional representatives are unable to even agree on plan to start reducing the debt or improve our economy. Our credit rating has been downgraded and we are now printing $80-plus billion a month to sustain government’s desire to spend even more.

You see, this is how a country that has a printing press and the ability to print money, balances their budget in case of a shortfall in real income due to a deteriorating or stagnant economy.

We are soon coming upon another election with many of the same representatives that got us where we are today, once again reassuring us they will do better this time and their promise to change the way Washington does business stands strong once again.

For me, history is a record of past performance and studying history should be a good lesson to help develop a new plan “if” Washington really intends to change?

Unemployment is at or near record levels, if the correct math is used? Good paying jobs are scarce, the economy is sluggish, the poor are poorer and my country seems more divided than I ever remember? This is no doubt a result of Washington’s planning over the past many years.

Recently I noticed one new Washington solution, unemployment checks create jobs. If that is in fact true, perhaps we should all quit our job and start collecting an unemployment check. We would soon be at full employment.

So, are you willing to let these representatives continue after 30, 40 or 50 years of the same management style? You see many of these representatives have been there for that long. I remember some of these folks being there when I went with the AAM Tractorcade in 1979, some had been there for a few years then.

Can you say “professional politician”? Or are you thinking it may be time to change the drivers and planners of our nation’s economy? Often a change in drivers equals a change in direction or a different style of driving. There is no doubt an improved route, but we will never know “until” we change drivers, someone that is willing to listen and follow “our” directions.

Remember, only “you” can change drivers. You can stay home and continue the direction, or you can get out and get involved in a campaign. Don’t forget to register and vote as well.

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