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Anger should be aimed at gun show promoters E-mail
Friday, 07 February 2014 11:26

By Jack "Doug" Rich of Liberal


EDITOR’S NOTE: In reference to Robert Caraway’s Letter to the Editor published Wednesday.

Perhaps you should try checking your facts, Bob.

Seward county did not prohibit you from carrying a concealed firearm into the gun show.

Seward county did not charge you $8 admission.

Seward county did not put on that gun show.

Seward county rented a building to a private enterprise.


Full stop.

End of discussion.

End of Seward county involvement.

Seward county had no obligation to provide security, it was all up to the event promoters, who were the ones charging admission and prohibiting concealed carry. If your rights were being violated, it was R.K. Shows Inc. doing so, not the county.

I’ve been to gun shows in eight different states over the course of the last 40 years. I don’t recall a single one that didn’t charge admission. I don’t recall a single one that allowed loaded firearms into the show.

As far as I can tell, that’s the way it has always been. And after seeing a flare gun fired indoors at a gun show, I can’t really fault the promoters for not wanting loaded weapons to come in.

People do dumb things. If you’re the one who is going to be held liable for all those dumb things, wouldn’t you want to minimize your risk?

As for the county provided free WiFi in the building having “weapons sites” blocked, so what? Do you really think the constitution protects your right to use a service provided as a courtesy in unlimited fashion? Whip out your smart phone and use your own cellular service to access the Internet if the free WiFi won’t get you what you want. The county has no obligation to provide that service at all. Calling that a violation of your Second Amendment rights is ludicrous.

By all means, boycott the gun shows if you feel you must. Just know that it is event promoters, not the county fathers, who have offended you.

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