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I’m supporting Dr. Wolf E-mail
Thursday, 27 February 2014 10:54

By Jim Rice of Liberal


I was interested in seeing the apology for some Facebook postings by Dr. Milton Wolf.

For me, that says a lot about an individual, their ability to realize a mistake, correct it and then apologize for it. When I first heard about this posting, I was a bit surprised, then I learned those postings were, according to Dr. Wolf, intended as an education tool on his personal page that went bad. Thus he removed the posting immediately once he decided it was wrong. Please realize this happened several years ago.

In the short few months I have grown to know Milton Wolf, I have learned a lot about him, his ideas, family values, his principals and morals, along with his dedication and energy.

Each time I have talked with him, I am more impressed. I know there are some out there only looking for an opportunity to criticize in order to maintain the establishment.

I, on the other hand, am looking for a more positive way of doing business, someone with a new energy and a new perspective. For me, that person is Dr. Milton Wolf.

The evidence of history is clear for me as I have watched over the past years, especially the last few. I have watched my country as our present leadership has made decisions that has sent this nation into a near tailspin.

Our national debt has grown to an amount greater than our nation’s capacity or the people’s ability to repay that debt. Recently, leadership has agreed to issue itself a “no limit” on the debt ceiling and in effect have once again provided themselves with an unlimited amount on OUR credit card for US to repay.

In an effort to pay the bills, they have increased taxes and cranked up the printing press to the tune of about $85 billion a month or nearly a $1 trillion a year.

What kind of sound financial business management is that?

In addition to our debt crisis, our military forces and superiority is about to be reduced to that of a second rate country and few politicians give it the time of day other than to say it is because of the budget.

Dare I ask who’s fault the budget mismanagement is?

In the meantime, our assistance programs are exploding to heights we have never seen or even dreamed possible or necessary, and no one talks about potential controls or reductions.

They are more than willing to show you where to sign up in order to gain a vote however.

Healthcare is a disaster with only broken promises, lies and illegal delays. And lastly, it has become almost impossible to hear or learn the truth coming from Washington. One might ask, who there speaks the truth anymore?

Yet each election year, we re-elect the same representatives expecting a different party in charge, even though it is the same old establishment folks that have been there for years, to make the needed correction and attempt to solve the problems that last establishment bunch created.

ALERT: I wish to inform you things will not be different with the same ole folks in charge AGAIN. It has not worked in the past, it will not work in the future.

When I see an opportunity come along for improvement and a younger guy or gal steps up with the qualifications, energy, knowledge, morals and principals I believe necessary to fulfill the obligations of an office, I will be among the first to offer my assistance and support, as I have with several local candidates over the years.

This time it just happens to be a United States Senate candidate by the name of Dr. Milton Wolf that I am supporting.

I hope you will be as excited as I am once you have an opportunity to meet Milton Wolf. He will be coming to Liberal very soon.

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