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For too long, Chicago gun laws produce cess pool of murder E-mail
Friday, 28 March 2014 09:43

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

A recent 30–30 story produced by ESPN highlighted the short career of a 17-year-old Chicago high school basketball player that many suggest was the greatest player of his age in the country – Benjamin “Benji” Wilson Jr.

Benji, or Ben as he was often called, had the world by its tail with major colleges recruiting him even before the start of his senior year.

Unfortunately, he was gunned down by two other high school teens, who witnesses say tried to rob him at a bus stop a few blocks from Ben’s Simeon High School.

Fifteen-year-old Omar Dixon and his friend, William Moore, 16, tried to rob Ben, according to Ben’s girlfriend, who was with him at the shooting, and a confession soon afterward by Dixon.

Moore confessed to being the shooter, but later changed his story and said Ben was threatening him. Dixon later recanted his statement and agreed, conveniently, with Moore.

Dixon was sentenced to 30 years in prison and Moore got 40 years.

The ESPN report noted Ben was the 692nd or 694th murder in Chicago at the time he was shot and killed on Nov. 20, 1984.

That stat caught my attention right away – 2.14 murders a day for the first 324 days of 1984. That figures Chicago must have had nearly 785 murders that year.

Another disturbing fact in the ESPN report was Ben’s mother became another emotionally-challenged gun control zealot ­– fighting against gun ownership throughout Chicago and the country.

While I can appreciate the hurt one would suffer by having your child gunned down, I still cannot fathom the belief it was the gun’s fault. As if some inanimate object could just up and kill someone.

This is the troubled thinking of all those anti-gun people out there today. They honestly believe that disarming law-abiding citizens will make the world safer.

That, my friends, is being dispelled more and more every day, regardless of the Lame Street Media ignoring that fact.

Let’s just look at Chicago.

That city and the state of Illinois, has probably the most onerous and restrictive gun laws in the nation. Of course, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and the District of Columbia can justifiably brag their laws are just as ridiculous as Chicago’s.

Why don’t we hear the wonderful and joyful reports that Chicago is a much safer place today after 30 years of ignoring the Second Amendment and writing such restrictive guns laws?

Is taking and keeping guns from lawful people working?

Not hardly.

In a Jan. 2, 2014, article by Josh Sanburn in www.nation.time.com, he noted:

“According to year-end data (2013) released by police departments around the country, Chicago still leads the country in homicides with 415, but that number declined 18 percent from 2012 and is the fewest since 1965.”

Sanburn added: “But while the murder rate declined to roughly 43 homicides per 100,000 residents (down from 50 in 2012), the number of murders in Chicago still outpaced every other major metropolis in the U.S.”

I ask those liberal anti-gun zealots in Chicago – How’s that working out for you?

When are the folks in that cess-pool of a city going to wake up and rid themselves of the left-wing politicians who get their families and neighbors killed every day – ad nauseum?

Let’s try something different in Chicago – give every resident who has no kind of police record or mental health record at all a handgun, or a rifle, or a shotgun. Give them their choice of which firearm they want.

Then let’s see how many thugs get mowed down while trying to rob, rape, maim or kill innocent people.

I bet those anti-self-protection liberals are wetting their panties just thinking about that.

But that’s how some of them think. It’s not the fault of a maniac who killed some kids and their parents, it’s society’s fault, and keeping guns away from them is society’s obligation. Look at all the laws protecting killers versus those protecting innocents. It’s not even close.

When you look at Chicago, realize their mayor is Obama’s old liberal buddy, Rahm Emanuel, and he will never allow the “people” to defend themselves.

Obama won’t either. He’s still trying his best to rip the Second Amendment in its entirety out of the Bill of Rights.

Want to hear the clincher on ESPN’s story about Benji and his tragic death?

The triggerman, Moore, stills sticks to his story that he felt threatened, even though others saw it as a robbery attempt, ­ including the judge who sentenced Moore to 40 years.

Moore only served 19 of those years, and now he works for a group trying to help inner-city youth. Isn’t it strange that Moore and other criminals like terrorist bomber Bill Ayers (another friend of Obama’s) end up teaching or brainwashing youth in Chicago?

Guess who recently honored Moore?

Yes – Obama brought Moore to the Whitehouse for a special reception just for him – the killer of the most promising and well-loved sports star in Chicago in 1984.

That tells you a lot about how liberals see justice and their view of the difference between murderers and victims.

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