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OzSome Race starts with close finish at Dorothy Wall of Fame PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 10:18

The teams of United Rental and Killer Quad try to decipher a word puzzle at the Dorothy Wall of Fame. United Rental finished about three minutes ahead of Killer Quad. L&T photo/Victoria Calderon


L&T staff report

Three teams gathered in Light Park Saturday to start the 2014 series of OzSome races.

Killer Quad, made up of Emily Castaneda, Teri Martin, Karina Limbroker and China Alonso, joined United Rental, made up of Jacob Cedillo and Enrique Navarette and the niece and aunt duo of Rene Nelson and Holly Pierce in attempt to qualify for the final at the end of the summer and a chance to win the $1,000 prize.

The first task the teams had to do was find the first destination clue which was taped to a downspout at the Jean Randall Girls Scout building.

United Rental found it first followed by Killer Quad.

Both teams  deciphered the clue that read, “Munchkins like the golf course the best.”

Holly Pierce came back empty handed and sent her aunt back to track down the clue, which she did, but that set the Auntie team back by 10 minutes.

Teams headed out to  the mini golf course at North Blue Bonnet Park to complete their first task.

The first task was a three-hole game of frisbee golf. The rules were simple: Throw the frisbee into the basket in under four tries, and if it took more than four, then the team had to start the hole all over again; and team members had to alternate between holes, so one person was not doing all the work.

The United Rental team was the first team to show up at the park. They hustled to the starting line for the frisbee golf course, and they finished the first hole in two throws.

The second team, Killer Quad, were not too far behind United Rental. They had their two most athletic members start out the course, and the first team had barely started the second hole when Killer Quad started at the first.

They had some trouble figuring out the rules at first – they thought they had to get the frisbee into the net as a hole-in-one, so they used each of their first four attempts at the starting line. Once they understood the rules, however, they quickly finished the course.

The Killer Quad did have some difficulty with the wind. At one point, it got so strong that their frisbee was thrown off course, right over the fence of the mini golf course. Luckily, one of their team members was agile enough to climb the fence and retrieve the frisbee, leaving them in second place.

The third team arrived at the park after the other two teams had already finished the task and moved on to the next destination.

The wind, while relatively calm while the first two teams were competing, picked up once Rene and Holly’s team started the frisbee course. They finished the first hole strong, with Rene yelling “Bring it on, Holly, bring it on!” to encourage her teammate.

The second hole covered a much bigger distance than the first. After struggling for a bit with the wind, they were given two extra attempts on the second hole, allowing them six tries to make the frisbee into the basket. They did not make it in the first six attempts, so they had to start the second hole over.

They eventually finished the second hole, and the third was a bit easier on them.

“At least I’m getting my exercise in,” Rene said.

The next clue told them that “This emerald diamond isn’t silver but it is ‘Gould.’”

That led the teams to Brent Gould Field at Seward County Community College, and once there, team had to find the answers to trivia questions about the Liberal Bee Jays in the team program.

United Rental showed up first and started to comb through the pages for the answers.

Killer Quad was right on their heels, and attempted to make up some time.

United Rental turned in their sheet and had all the answers right the first time.

Killer Quad tried to use the program and a smart phone to track down the answers, and the smart phone approach cost them some time.

They missed the overall Jayhawk Conference wins twice before finding the correct answer in the program, and then they headed off to try to catch United Rental.

About 15 minutes after they left, the Auntie team drove up and started the task. They missed two of the four questions before getting them all right, and then headed to the next task.

At about 1:30 p.m., two of the three teams entered in the Oz-Some race burst in through the front doors of the Leader & Times to receive their next task (a pop quiz regarding Friday’s issue) and the final location.

With only a bit of trouble, United completed the quiz first and headed off to the final location at the Coronado Museum/Dorothy’s House in the race and the Killer Quad team followed close behind.

The final team of Rene Nelson and her niece Holly Pierce came through the doors roughly 20 minutes later. After also having a little trouble completing the quiz, they headed off to the museum and completed the task set for them there, a word scramble.

United Rental had a head start from the very beginning. They were the first team to show up at the first destination, the mini golf course at North Blue Bonnet Park.

Both men were athletic, and it took them almost no time to complete their task of frisbee golf, despite a major obstacle: The wind.

“I would say the frisbee toss, in 40 mile-per-hour winds, would probably be the most difficult (task),” Cedillo said.

Along with being athletic, they were quick on the draw with the intellectual tasks.

Cedillo said the easiest task was “the Bee Jay one, skimming through the facts and looking for the exact answer.”

The pair also had a good grip on their knowledge of Liberal. When given the hint for the second destination, there was not a single second of hesitation before they knew that the clue “this emerald diamond is not silver, it is ‘Gould’” meant Brent Gould Field at the college.

However, the team will probably want to participate in the race again later this summer so they can become even more familiar with the area.

Cedillo’s favorite task was the final task at Dorothy’s House and Coronado Museum, where they had to unscramble the words “Pancake Day” based off letters found on the Dorothy wall of fame. He said he enjoyed it “because you have tourists and stuff in here. We were looking like crazy madmen, running around, trying to dodge them.”

Navarrete, however, did not have a specific task in mind; he thought the whole experience itself was the best part. “The most fun part was the race itself. Just the challenge of trying to beat everybody else,” he said.

The dynamic duo faced a problem with their gas tank from the start – they were nearly running on empty.

“We finished (the race) three miles to empty. So we’re going to go fill the gas tank, get something to drink, and call it good,” Cedillo said after they finished the final task and were declared the winners by Dorothy.

However, Pierce and Nelson don’t regret a moment of being in the race.

“It was hot and it was windy but it was fun,” Pierce said. “I loved the quality time with my aunt.”

Both admitted that the previous task, which was playing frisbee golf at the frisbee golf course north of Blue Bonnet Park, was the most difficult part for them to complete during the race.

“I was hardly able to throw the Frisbees with that wind,” Nelson said, laughing.

“Yeah, it was all okay, it was just the Frisbee that was super hard and of course I slowed us all down at the beginning,” Pierce added jokingly.

Even though they took they took third place, however, Nelson and Pierce are more than willing to compete in another race in the future to try for the $1,000 prize.

Races continue Saturday. Anyone interested in entering a team can call 626-0840 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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