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Supporting the environment should not mean the extinction of humanity E-mail
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 10:26

By L&T Publisher Earl Watt

Words matter, and in the quest for political power, some have hijacked certain words to hide their true purpose.

One of those words is environmentalist.

First, the use of the term automatically sets up two different sides — you are either for or against the environment.

The problem is those that call themselves environmentalist, or a vast majority, aren’t really focused on the environment at all.

But they need you to believe they are so they can justify what they really are — dehumanists.

The true goal of many of these people is to remove people from certain areas, usually rural.

The people on farms and small communities, according to them, are trespassing on nature, and so rules and regulations must be used to limit this incursion of the human race.

Let’s carry their view out and see where it leads.

If animals like the prairie chicken receive the protections they seek, then farming becomes impossible within that habitat.

The economies based on agriculture go away as well. If we cannot plant wheat, corn or milo in Southwest Kansas, what happens to the cattle industry?

When rural communities are decimated, where would people have to move?

The cities.

The true definition of environmentalist, according to dictionary.com, is “any person who advocates or works to protect the air, water, animals, plants and other natural resources from pollution or its effects.”

The problem is many consider humans to be a pollutant, because they seek to remove people.

I spent a four-day weekend driving to Idaho and back for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. Along the way, I saw stretches of farmland and people taking care of the land to feed the population. We all know about potatoes in Idaho, but they are also growing summer and winter wheat, barley, miles and miles of sugar beets and more.

Many grazing operations could also be seen in vast expanses of Wyoming and Colorado.

These people know that they make a living off the land, and they take great care of it.

They protect the air, they protect their water sources, they take care of their animals, and they grow the plants that we all eat to survive. The land is alive because of these people.

They live the environmental life every day. No, they are not lobbyists pushing a political agenda. They are farmers providing food for the world’s population.

But the “environmentalists” have made them to be the enemy, the trespasser on nature. If that were true, we are all trespassers on this continent dating back to those who originally crossed the Bering Strait. Yes, even the Native Americans were not truly native, nor were the European settlers who came later.

But the environmental movement doesn’t seek to wreck the lifestyle in the cities. No, their cause would be over in a heartbeat.

Instead, they attack the farmer and the small town because they are easier targets.

Their goal is simple — dehumanize the rural areas and force people into the cities.

Leave the land vacant — no economic benefit and no means of feeding people.

Food costs will rise, and there will be fewer humans on the entire planet as starvation ravages the world because what is grown in rural America does not stay in rural America. It is shipped across the globe.

Smaller food supplies mean fewer humans, and that is what these people truly want.

The truth is simple — humans are the problem, and to have less of them requires less food, and that means to use the prairie chicken or anything else that can cause the restriction of growing the food to feed people.

They are not environmentalists, they are dehumanists.

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