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Obama, Reid, Holder continue their campaign of chaos E-mail
Friday, 18 July 2014 09:54

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

President Obama is the world’s best at changing the subject – create chaos and folks will forget about Benghazi, the IRS corruption, allowing our veterans to die while waiting to get treatment, et cetera, et cetera.

The newest calamity he’s responsible for is an estimated 52,000 illegal immigrant children from Central America that have invaded the U.S. because they know Obama won’t send them back, no matter what he says.

It’s no wonder even his black base in Chicago, home of Murder Incorporated, is questioning Obama’s “I need” $3.7 billion to help the illegal kids.

One black woman on a news channel Tuesday was saying, “How about helping the kids that need help in Chicago – or all the poor kids across this nation for that matter?”

Good luck getting Obama to answer that one.

Do the math; $3.7 billion divided by 52,000 children (none of his request even hints at securing the border) equals spending $71,154 for each child to give them health care, a place to live, clothing and food to eat.

That reminds me of the joke (not really funny) that VA groups are gathering at the Rio Grande River and floating across to Mexico. They plan on sneaking back into the U.S. during the night and turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents so they can get all that free assistance, too.

Obama publicly said he would like to change the laws where he could expedite deportations of the kids.

That’s a total hoax, and it became apparent when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected the bi-partisan bill by Sen. John Cornyn, Texas (R) and Rep. Henry Cuellar, Texas (D) that was offered up Tuesday.

In a Washington Times piece written by Stephen Dinan, he noted the proposed “legislation would speed up asylum hearings so the administration could quickly deport Central American children traveling alone. That is a power the administration currently uses only for Mexican children.”

Reid and his “let-them-all-in” crowd said “… the U.S. should treat the surge of children as a refugee crisis, not an immigration issue, and they urged colleagues to reject the Cornyn-Cuellar proposal,” according to Dinan.

Ironically, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Senate Appropriations Committee last week that he predicted, “… as many as 90,000 unaccompanied minors could be apprehended before the end of this fiscal year on Sept 30. That would represent more than a three-fold increase from the 2013 numbers.”

You can bet Johnson will get his chain yanked for spilling those beans and publically saying he thought the Cornyn-Cuellar law sounded like a good idea.

We all know, when “Harry” starts rambling and dissing bills and not allowing them to be voted on, Obama has been the puppet master behind the scenes. I swear you can see the strings every time Reid goes before the cameras.

Dinan also pointed out in his article that “The New York Times reported Tuesday that since April, border patrol agents have caught 240,000 Central American illegal migrants in addition to the 52,000 children.”

I would call that chaos, oh but not Obama and Harry.

During a press conference Tuesday, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) declared “the border is secure.”

Those are his exact words.

This 74-year-old relic who has been in the Senate since 1987 (27 years) is apparently not mentally fit to hold a seat in the U.S. Senate, and that statement proves it. In fact, this man is a disgrace to the Senate body and all it stands for.

The good people of Nevada, should rise up and call for Reid’s impeachment. They sat back and allowed the casino employees’ unions and mobsters’ arm twisting to get him elected last time, and now they are paying for it – we’re all paying for it. I recommend everyone stay out of Nevada until they put this sick dinosaur out to pasture.

But, you have to admit, he is loyal to his puppeteer. Both he and Attorney General Eric Holder are good little lemmings, and between the three of them, nothing positive will get done in this country if Obama doesn’t like it.

Their political agenda is more important to these three men than the well-being of the nation.

You can sum up their concerns for all the chaos within America and the world in three words:

They don’t care.

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