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If you want the truth, don’t look to Lame Stream Media E-mail
Friday, 25 July 2014 10:45

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

The chaos in Israel and Gaza is not being reported truthfully – or it’s being totally ignored – by the U.S. Lame Stream Media. It’s another nail in the coffin of “responsible journalism,” and one of these days, I hope I’m still alive to go to its funeral, because the American people will someday rise up and punish those who have been deceiving them and lying to them.

Lest some forgot or didn’t even care, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority, the ruling party in Gaza, decided June 2 to sign a national governing unity pact with Hamas, a known terrorist organization responsible for numerous atrocities throughout the Middle East.

That forever ended any foreseeable peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, because Hamas has openly sworn to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.”

Israel has sworn never to negotiate with terrorists or their organizations – exactly as the U.S. has said, too. In fact, the U.S. has passed a law forbidding dealings with those on its terrorist list.

On June 12, Hamas militants in Gaza kidnapped three Israeli teens and a little over two weeks later, the two 16-year-olds and a 19-year-old were found murdered and buried under a pile of rocks near Hebron in Israel.

Israel could never prove if the deaths were ordered from top Hamas officials or just militants, but it infuriated the Israeli population. Hamas was mum.

Then the charred body of a Palestinian boy, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, 16, was found in a wooded area on July 2.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip became outraged, and we’ve seen the aftermath of Hamas’ decision to initiate thousands of rockets being fired willy-nilly into civilian neighborhoods of Israel.

Death and destruction.

And who is the Lame Stream Media and the Obama Administration blaming?


I’ve not heard one network or cable television station ask some basic questions, like why didn’t the Palestinian Authority or Hamas arrest and charge someone – anyone – for the deaths of the three Israeli teens?

Where is the media when it comes to the fact Israel soon identified, captured and arrested three Israelis for killing the Palestinian boy. Those murderers are not only in an Israeli jail, the Israeli government announced July 17,  it would recognize the Palestinian boy as a “victim of terrorism,” entitling his family to a monthly government stipend.

Where is the reporting on that?

As more and more rockets were being sprayed into Israel, the media forgot to tell American and world audiences where these rockets were being fired from. (forgot is the wrong term. They buried the truth and “refused” to tell us.)

Hamas was launching rockets from the yards of schools, hospitals, markets – and even in the UN Education Center (a school).

Israel wasn’t going to sit back and not defend its citizens, so they started telephoning, texting, sending emails and dropping flyers on neighborhoods telling civilians to get out of the area before Israel zeroed in on rocket sites and took them out.

Rockets kept coming from civilian areas in Gaza, and the Israelis started taking them out. Civilians in Gaza were dying, yet Israel’s missile defenses and bomb bunkers were saving lives.

Israel accepted a ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt –

Hamas said no.

Israel agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire of five hours so needed medicine and supplies could be brought into Gaza.

Hamas said no, and started firing rockets within the first hour.

Israel finally sent troops in. The numbers of dead, naturally, climbed.

National Public Radio spun it like this the other day, “Well over 600 palestinian civilians have died and 31 Israelis are dead – all but one soldiers.”

So in the eyes of NPR, it’s OK for soldiers to die in Israel and “only” civilians are dying in Gaza.

The daily – of nopt hourly – misinformation and leftist bias of NPR is absolutely despicable.

Why did Hamas start firing off more rockets when the humanitarian ceasefire was called? Because they know the major media are on their side. Hamas doesn’t care how many women, children and elderly muslims die if it furthers their propaganda, which is swallowed hook, line and sinker by America’s media.

They set up rocket launchers in school yards and praise Allah when the school gets hit and more small children are maimed and killed. Then they can feign grief when they march down the road with those tiny coffins being carried overhead, knowing full well they are garnering the pity of gullible reporters and news producers – regardless of how many children they sacrifice for their goal of eliminating Israel – and every other religion on earth.

These psychopathic barbarians will continue setting up next to hospitals, schools and such for that reason and that reason alone. They are the lowest cowards on earth, yet the media gives them a free pass.

Where are the serious reporters asking Palestinian and Hamas leaders, “Why do you launch rockets from the steps of hospitals – knowing the Israelis can trace where they came from? Why do your so-called brave militants fight from behind the skirts of women and the strollers of babies? Why do they launch rockets into Israel and then hide under desks of school children?”

Where is ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the other so-called lions of the media? These companies have buried the truth and now they only sell their left-wing agenda – and Americans are, sadly, buying it.

If you think they will tell you the truth, I’ve got some ocean-front property in Arizona for sale.

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