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There are good reasons to stick with incumbents E-mail
Friday, 01 August 2014 10:34

By Kansas State Representative Reid Petty, of Liberal

I have had people contact me and approach me to ask why I am supporting U.S. Senator Pat Roberts for re-election since I defeated an incumbent of 28 years for the State House a few years ago.

My answer is that in an election, you have to look at the candidates on the ballot and decide who is the best candidate that supports what your beliefs are and who would best represent the community, state and nation that you live in.

While Senator Roberts has been a U.S. Senator for the past 18 years, that doesn't automatically mean we should support his opponent simply because we think he has been in office too long. The opponent would need to be credible and someone who would represent us well.

Senator Roberts’ opponent, Dr. Milton Wolf, is currently under official investigation by a medical board for sharing x-ray pictures of dead patients that he posted and joking about the pictures on his Facebook page.

I just recently went to a specialist for a medical issue I'm having, and the specialist lives in Kansas and is a strong conservative Republican. She told me, as a doctor, that what he did was not only wrong but also very disturbing, and that if you can't trust him as a doctor, then how can you trust him to be our next U.S. Senator.

Dr. Wolf also, until recently, hasn't even voted in many elections in his hometown. He has missed 28 votes in the last 10 years in elections. He went from having no interest in politics at all to wanting to be a U.S. Senator.

Dr. Wolf often talks about wanting to be the next Ted Cruz. To me, that comes across that all he is interested in is getting on television a lot and becoming famous.

Senator Roberts actually stood on the floor with Senator Cruz to fight Obamacare, and Cruz even sent him a thank you note for doing so. Senator Roberts is a Marine and is from Southwest Kansas. Dr. Wolf is from the Kansas City area, and I can tell you from experience up in Topeka, that politicians from the east side of the state have no interest in helping those from the west side of the state.

It is vital that we keep a voice in Washington for us from Southwest Kansas. Senator Roberts will also get a chairmanship of a committee if re-elected. That would be big for Southwest Kansas. Senator Roberts also has endorsements from the NRA, Kansans for Life, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and U.S. Congressman Tim Huelskamp along with being ranked the fifth most conservative Senator this past year.

Those are just a few of the reasons I am supporting Pat Roberts for the U.S. Senate.

In another contested race, I also am supporting U.S. Congressman Tim Huelskamp for re-election. Congressman Huelskamp has proven that he will not be bullied by anyone and has stood up strong for conservative principles such as fighting Obamacare, standing up for the Second Amendment and standing strong for pro-life issues.

Congressman Huelskamp is also from Southwest Kansas and makes many stops in Liberal each and every year. Things to consider when looking at his opponent, Alan LaPolice, is that according to the Kansas Secretary of State's office, LaPolice has never voted in Kansas before. In fact he just became a registered voter nine months ago when he moved here from California.

While in California, LaPolice was a teacher, but also had a brief career in Hollywood as an actor, where he appeared in a pro-homosexual movie called The Art of Being Straight. Congressman Huelskamp's opponent clearly doesn't have any idea what a majority of Kansans' believe, and I personally am not going to vote for someone who has only been in Kansas for nine months and who comes from a highly liberal state such as California and who is involved with Hollywood.

It is my believe that LaPolice was recruited by the Democrats to run as a Republican in the primary because they knew it wouldn't be possible to defeat Congressman Huelskamp with a Democrat in the general election. This is why I will be supporting Congressman Huelskamp in the primary next week.

No matter who you vote for, I encourage everyone to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Aug. 5.

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