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‘Petty’ attacks on LaPolice are just a way to smear opponents E-mail
Sunday, 03 August 2014 06:58

By Lane L. Frymire, Liberal


I am writing in response to Reid Petty’s recent endorsement of Tim Huelskamp for the 1st District Representative in the United States’ House. From the information I have read, Alan LaPolice was born and raised in the rural community of Clyde, Kansas, until he joined the military after high school. From there, LaPolice’s military career took him to California where he embarked on a career in public education. According to LaPolice’s website, he moved back to Kansas approximately 10 years ago.

I do not know where you obtained your information Mr. Petty, but your claim that LaPolice “has only been in Kansas for nine months” after he moved here from California appears to be just plain wrong. So too is your assertion that LaPolice “comes from a highly liberal state such as California.” From what I can see, LaPolice actually comes from Kansas, not California. I suppose that that you Mr. Petty want to fault LaPolice for his military career taking him to California and for staying there for a while after his military career ended. Perhaps LaPolice did not want to uproot his family at that time.

Oh, and please let us not forget that LaPolice was involved with Hollywood and allegedly supports those evil homosexuals. Quite frankly Mr. Petty, I find your comments to be very distasteful. First, I trust that you never go to the theatre and watch movies or rent them because if you do, guess what, you are involved with Hollywood when your support it with your dollars. Moreover, even if LaPolice appeared in a film supporting homosexuals, who cares? The film was ten years ago and from what I understand he had a small 45-second part that he did as a favor for a friend. I guess in your mind a 45-second snap shot from someone’s life ten years ago is relevant today. Good grief.

As for Tim Huelskamp, from everything that I have read, you are correct—he stands strong and will not be bullied. However, although Huelskamp will not be bullied, it appears that he likes to be the bully. For those of you that do not know, Huelskamp recently threatened Tom Willis—the President and CEO of Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC—because Willis questioned some of Huelskamp recent votes. Rather than address Willis as a gentlemen and constituent, Huelskamp opted to act like a child and lash out at someone who did not blindly support him. I personally have no interest in having a bully represent me.

In addition, it appears that because Huelskamp stands so strong and will not be bullied, he has a history of being kicked off legislative committees—the House Agricultural and Budget Committees come to mind. If you want someone in office who will not compromise, then by all means vote for Heulskamp. But, remember this, compromise is a part of life. Everyday we compromise with our spouses, co-workers, business associates, and others. If you think otherwise, then go home tonight and take a “my way or the highway” approach towards your husband or wife and see how well that works out. We need change in Washington and booting Huelskamp is a great start. He will not be getting my vote!

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