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Why don’t conservatives boycott? E-mail
Friday, 17 February 2017 08:54


L&T Editor Emeritus Larry Phillips

While watching a political pundit on cable television last Saturday, he mentioned something I’ve been thinking about quite often since Trump threw his hat in the ring to win the GOP Presidential nomination.

It’s about the power of the purse – boycotting your (known or perceived) political enemies.

It’s in the left’s playbook and is a tool used to inflict monetary harm on individuals or companies that support whatever it is the leftists object to or are offended by.

Jesse Jackson has used it – or the threats of boycotts – to extort millions from companies for decades to support his phoney Rainbow – Push organization, which is similar to his brother’s murderous gangster lifestyle that also used threats of boycotts back in the 1980s in Chicago. Jackson’s brother is still in prison for ordering a double murder.

Jackson and Al Sharpton have used boycotts and the threats of boycotts to enrich themselves and their adulterous lifestyles, illegitimate children and tax evasion schemes for decades.

Two gangsters idolized by the Left – so pitiful.

Of course, the Lame Stream Communist Media has supported these men and other leftists’ illegal and slimy tactics for decades, too.

But where are the conservatives when it comes to boycotts?

Most conservatives think it’s unsavory to get down in the gutter with leftists and push back, and that’s the problem right there.

You don’t fight a forest fire with water pistols, folks.

You fight fire with fire.

Pity the poor righteous preacher who walked stoically toward an Indian war party in 1850 armed with only his Bible. His body was full of more than 100 arrows in less than 10 seconds. 

And yes, I am calling a majority of Native Americans leftists. Just look at the pipeline issues. They are a culture of people who have been bought and paid for by the Democrat party – simply sad puppets.

We, the people who elected Trump and support his objectives to bring economic prosperity, border security, safety from Islamic terrorists, and a superior military (again) to this country have to stand up and fight.

Don’t worry couch potatoes, this doesn’t require you have to do something as physically challenging as writing a letter to your Representatives. You can do this with your remote and while shopping online throughout the country.

Start boycotting all – and I mean all – entertainment awards shows on TV. I refused to watch the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, as well as Sunday night’s Grammys.

Boycott TV shows and movies that mock or attack your traditional values. It’s brainwashing propaganda aimed at eroding your moral and ethical values. 

When you see these psychotic people who can’t live in the real world – also known as actors and actresses – opine with their ignorant political agendas, boycott any show you see them in while watching TV. And never buy a theater ticket to see their movies.

Use that remote with regularity.

And more importantly, tell your friends and neighbors how you’ve had it with the left’s propaganda on TV.

Boycott shows like The View, Bill Maher’s The Messy Truth, political pundits like Rachel “Mad Cow Disease” Maddow, and all the others you find offensive.

That’s the problem with conservatives, we don’t get “openly” offended, and liberal’s have been dancing on our political graves for decades.

That’s why we’re seeing these attacks from the left to topple Trump’s government. They can’t stand it that more than 62 million Americans voted for Trump, which repudiated their entire little communist world.

But we have the right to boycott just as much as they do – and we should “pick it up” and “get with it.”

When you see Zales Jewelry advertising on TV with a black couple getting engaged, a deaf couple, too, using sign, and then two women getting married. If you find that part an abomination, change channels when the ad comes on – and refuse to buy anything from Zales when out shopping.

When out shopping – or even catalog shopping – maybe you should forget about purchasing anything from Nordstroms. Of course we don’t have many out here on the High Plains, but I’m going to avoid any Nordstrom’s I see. (I used to go into one in Jacksonville, Fla., when visiting family – but that’s over).

Nordstroms attacked Trump’s daughter and her line of fashions because of politics. Judge Jeanine Pirro had a great response to this boycott call by a jealous rival of Ivanka’s. Here is part of it:

“So to all you hashtag haters and loud classless women, and the stores that capitulate to them  yes, by hitting her, you did hurt her dad. But she is stronger than you,” Pirro said. “The very feminists who marched and purport to advance strong independent women are the very ones rallying to suppress another who epitomizes every quality they claim to champion.”

Go to: http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/02/12/judge-jeanine-pirro-ivanka-trump-retailers-opening-statement for more of her statement.

I love her statement about “loud classless women.”

People who are outdoorsy should buy as much as they can from L.L. Bean, a company which has been boycotted by leftists because one of Bean’s 50 owners supported Trump. 

What morons – the crybabies, not Bean.

Leftists in Illinois are calling for the removal of Toby Keith from the Ribfest Music Festival June 30 to July 3. Maybe people who support Trump should only buy tickets to Keith’s show and boycott every other show. Then the residents there can see what leftists do to our country.

These leftists don’t care about our safety from terrorists, don’t care that illegals have more rights and entitlements than Americans, or if you ever get a job and take pride in providing for your family. 

The list goes on and on.

They are anarchists hell-bent on toppling this government and destroying our country.


And you political fence-riders can see it every day if you’ll open your eyes and minds. You can’t ignore it any more, either.

Bottom Line: Boycott every leftist dogma out there and support every Trump target they throw up there. It’s important you spread the word, too. All our friends can be encouraged to do this, and it doesn’t take a lot of physical effort.

Boycott and do it often from now on. I’m telling you, there are more than 62 million of us, and we can make a difference. 

We took the biggest step in electing Trump. Now it’s time to fight the leftists tooth and nail, an eye for eye and fire with fire. 

If we have to get down in the mud to stomp these leftists down even further than they are, we need to do it. We can always shower and clean up. 

They’ve decided to live in the gutter and slime forever.




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