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Wiretapping not even denied by Obama operatives E-mail
Friday, 17 March 2017 07:47


L&T Editor Emeritus Larry Phillips

The communists on the Left continue their sickening hypocrisy and actually believe the American people don’t see it – or more importantly – won’t hold it against them in the 2018 elections.

Sheer unbridled lunacy.

The attacks on Trump’s presidency has now crossed the line of sedition by anarchists running the Democrat party and the Lame Stream Media. They have become unhinged that Trump would dare call out their dictator Obama and expose his illegal activities while he was still in office.

Trust me folks, this will be eventually proven: That Trump Towers was wiretapped “under the knowledge of Obama.”

When Trump first Tweeted Obama had tapped Trump Towers, Leftists set their hair on fire and immediately started shouting, “Trump better have proof,” and they wanted that proof NOW!

Even traitors like CNN’s new media darling John McCain jumped on the leftist bandwagon – again – saying March 12 on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he had “no reason to believe” Trump’s allegation.

“I have no reason to believe that the charge is true, but I also believe that the President of the United States could clear this up in a minute,” McCain told anchor Jake Tapper. “All he has to do is pick up the phone, call the director of the CIA, director of national intelligence and say, ‘OK, what happened?’”

McCain knows that’s phoney and can’t be done.

First, he knows Trump’s people will not get a straight answer from Obama’s people still hanging on.

And second, asking former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, a career intelligence official who had oversight of the US intelligence community in that role, “OK, what happened?’” 

Clapper has publically said that Trump was not wiretapped by intelligence agencies nor did the FBI obtain a court order through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to monitor Trump’s phones.

That from a man who confessed he previously lied under oath to Congress about intelligence agency mass surveillance under Obama.


Clapper should be under indictment and headed to a federal prison in reality. Who is going to believe that proven liar?

But isn’t it strange that people like McCain, Rand Paul (who McCain accused of working with Putin) and Lindsey Graham – people who had their heads handed to them in the GOP Presidential Primary – are stabbing Trump in the back every chance they get?

Here’s a question for McCain and the other anarchists: Since when did anybody need proof when Democrats or the media lied publically about Trump?

Ironically, Trump was not lying and it will come out, whether it was a rogue FBI partisan or some other Obama sycophant, Trump Towers was wiretapped.


And, though the Obama will never admit it, he would have been told it was happening. But that’s what we get for keeping a lawless supporter in office for two terms.

Radio host Mark Levin, who brought the wiretapping story to the front, said that it’s all but assumed that Obama knew about campaign-season wiretaps of Trump Tower, as reported in several news outlets.

Levin, a former chief of staff to Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, said that if a FISA court warrant was secured, as reported, Obama was either told in his daily intelligence briefings or was given a “heads-up” by someone else.

Even Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook said March 7 on “Fox & Friends” that the Clinton campaign was aware of wire taps on the Trump campaign.

“Trump aides were caught talking to Russian agents, and those conversations were captured because the intelligence community regularly taps the phone lines of those Russian agents,” Mook said.

He added the taps were confirmed by “intelligence agencies.”

So why all the hysterics?

Because leftists are obsessed with Russia now – a country Obama and all his Muslims in the State Department let walk all over the rest of the world. Funny how they all want America to “get tough” with Russia now. They act like Trump should shower Russia with nukes now that Hillary went down the toilet.

Did anybody see what Obama’s former press secretary Josh Ernest said about the wiretapping?

Of course not.

But it was reported March 7 by D.C. McAllister at pjmedia.com:

“President Obama’s former press secretary ducked and dodged ABC’s Martha Raddatz’s questions about whether the Obama administration spied on Trump Tower during the presidential election last year.

“She asked Josh Earnest point-blank, ‘Can you categorically deny that the Obama Justice Department did not seek and obtain a FISA court order?’”

“His response was full of weasel words: ‘What I can categorically deny, Martha, is that the White House was (not) at all involved in directing, or interfering, or influencing an FBI investigation.’

“‘That’s not what I’m asking,’ Raddatz pressed. ‘What I’m asking is, can you deny that the Obama Justice Department did not seek and obtain a FISA court ordered wiretap of the Trump campaign?’

“Take two from Earnest: ‘The simple answer to that question, Martha, is I don’t know. The fact is, even when I was in government, I was not in a position of being regularly briefed on an FBI criminal or counterintelligence investigation.’

“So, he doesn’t know. Yet, he says with certainty that Trump’s tweet that wiretapping occurred was ‘outrageous.’

McAllister added, “Two plus two doesn’t equal five, Josh.”

None of the lawless Obama surrogates will come forward with the truth, and we can only pray the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions will get to the bottom of the leaks and illegal activities within his department.

Firing the remaining hold-over federal attorneys was a good start, but Trump should probably have every Cabinet Secretary, if they are ever confirmed, fire the top 200 people in every department across the board – nationwide.

Drain the swamp.

And don’t ever forget who is committing all this tyranny against the will of the people and trying to topple this government: Democrats, the major media, activist judges and the spineless members serving under the Republican banner in Washington D.C.




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