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Why did Moran kill health care reform and betray his party? E-mail
Friday, 11 August 2017 08:21


GUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet

A majority of Americans know ObamaCare is a total disaster that is harming more people than it’s ever helped. Conservative voters have spoken out by giving the House and the Senate GOP majorities and voted a conservative into the White House.

So what’s the problem with repealing and replacing ObamaCare?

Establishment Republicans like Lindsay Graham, Rand Paul, John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkoski – and then add to that list – get this – Kansas Senator Jerry Moran.

Who would have thought Moran would vote “no” on a health care bill to overhaul ObamaCare? 

It is finally out in the open he would prefer siding with the Democrats to harm even more Americans than vote to initiate any kind of repeal.

His lame excuse is nothing more than hypocritical spin – and totally unacceptable.

“We should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy. Furthermore, if we leave the federal government in control of everyday healthcare decisions, it is more likely that our healthcare system will devolve into a single-payer system, which would require a massive federal spending increase,” Moran said in a statement after his decision.

The bill did not, and I repeat – did not – “leave the federal government in control.”

That is double-talk, and the absurdity proves this man is not fit to serve as Senator for the great State of Kansas. If I could impeach him right this moment, he’d be out looking for a real job.

His excuse insults the intelligence of all of us. He apparently thinks he’s the Greek God Apollo of the U.S. Senate, all knowing, but in reality, just full of spin. 

Moran and the other establishment Republicans are not true Republicans or real conservatives. They are RINOs or worse, traitors to conservative values and obstructionists who prefer colluding with the left – for political reasons only.

They should all be shunned, and stripped of every committee assignment they now have. But don’t hold your breath, Mitch McConnell is a “Never Trumper,” too.

These senators do not look out for you, the American people.

At least we know where Moran really stands now. He would support ObamaCare rather than any changes to the status quo because it doesn’t meet “all” his demands.

Well, let me tell you, Mr. Moran, two or three improvements are better than none. And more can be legislated as the law moves along.

You have shamed our state, and just because you won another six-year term last November, don’t think Kansans will forget in five years your disgraceful action in the U.S. Senate. How soon you forget what happened to RINO Steve Morris in the Kansas Legislature some years back.

Moran and these other RINOs would have all of you in the country die under ObamaCare than give into any changes that might upset their hatred of Trump – and I bet – the fat campaign checks they will all be receiving from pharmaceutical companies, large hospital organizations and insurance conglomerates.

Just watch and see how much money starts filling up these RINOs’ campaign purses when their Senate elections come up.

Moran and the others can spin  their unacceptable actions all day long, but Americans are sick and tired of it. Why do they think Trump got elected? 

Hatred does funny things to people, and the establishment GOP is attacking everything Trump for a reason. They want him to fail so they can say, “I told you he wasn’t presidential material.” Even if it means giving the shaft to everybody in the nation. 

It just proves how much they think of “us,” and they don’t give a hooey how legislation – or the lack thereof ­– affects out daily lives or if it even destroys us.

We literally can’t survive under ObamaCare, but they want to score points against Trump rather than help everybody. Lack of affordable healthcare will kill all of us, regardless of party affiliation.

Moran later voted to approve debate on the “skinny” repeal vote. I believe he did this because McCain had already told him he’d gladly take the heat for voting against it – thus killing it and leaving it where it is now – in the toilet.

McCain hates Trump so bad you can probably smell it on him. He is a total disgrace – and I mean to everybody he is associated with: Vietnam veterans, the Navy, POWs and the proud tradition of the U.S. Senate.

His hatred of Trump overrides his concern for Americans. Shameful beyond words.

In 2018, 23 U.S. Senate seats now held by Democrats are up for election. Plus there are two Independent seats up, and they always caucus with the Dems. If Americans can fill five to seven of those seats with real conservatives, real Republicans, they can override the likes of Moran, and the other phonies who are “fake” Republicans.

And when those Republican seats do come up, Americans have to find real candidates who will vote the way they promise to vote, and run them against these RINOs in the primaries.

The November 2016 election said it loud and clear – Americans are tired of all the progressive, leftist policies and ideology because it was destroying our nation.

And the days of electing fence-sitters like Moran, who bounce around the issues and vote according to who is pouring cash into their campaigns are over – even though they don’t get it. Their disdain for the American people will be their Achilles Heel – mark my words.

These Senate and House RINOs better get on the Trump Train or be prepared to be ran over.




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