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TV commercials exploit African Americans and ignore the real struggles that community faces E-mail
Friday, 08 September 2017 09:07


GUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet

Political Correctness – or PC – is nothing more than a leftist tool of propaganda with dangerous consequences for a Constitutional Republic government.

William Safire did research on the PC phraseology for his word origin column in the New York Times and discovered it had originated in Communist literature of the early twentieth century. Usage of the phraseology really took off here in the 1980s.

Philip Atkinson had a great quote: “Politically Correct restrictions on what we can say and how we say it have been imposed by leftists to restrict debate and silence opposition.

“(PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions and behavior, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished.”

One can Google PC rules and laws and find horrendous – even insane – instances in the last decade. These PC edicts from the left are proof the eight years of the lawless, progressive Obama dictatorship encouraged and empowered leftist anarchists. 

One new tool of propaganda is growing faster than weed in an indoor Colorado pot farm. It’s the Politically Correct use of African Americans in television commercials by the national advertising companies (I call them part of elitist Hollywood) that control TV ads. 

What bothers me most, if you use common sense, these new commercials with African Americans having roles in at least 95 percent of the nation’s ads – when they’re 13 percent of the population – are actually a kind of African American genocide. 

By that, I mean the advertising companies are ignoring a majority of African Americans in America; how they look, how they speak, how they dress, how they live. If an African American can’t speak fluent English and sound like a caucasian, or have beautiful white-like hairdos or have caucasian facial features, they don’t exist with these advertising companies.

The newest rage is to use mixed couples, and if you’re a mixed-blood woman with an orange Afro and freckles, baby you’re it.

Bingo, an instant TV commercial babe.  

Millions of African Americans who live among inner-city neighborhoods throughout America don’t exist with these leftist racists, and a majority of African Americans can’t even see what these companies are trying to do to them. It’s similar to a type of genocide. Those African Americans don’t exist in the advertising world in America. Only cool African Americans that speak, sound and look like caucasians need apply.

The majority of African Americans portrayed in TV ads dress like upper-crust millionaires, drink Dom Perignon Champagne and Corona Lites with lime slices and drive an Audi. Not very many people of any race do that, so is that reality, or what the leftists want everybody to think? 

Millions of African Americans don’t live anything like this Hollywood-created African American stereotype that’s used in TV ads. I call them the token African Americans that Hollywood selects to succeed. 

Just look at the top African American actors that are used over and over in big screen movies: Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Will Smith or Samuel L. Jackson, etc. 

Hollywood has made all these guys multi-millionaires – the token African Americans they are required to employ in every movie, according to the leftist plantation owners who do the hiring.

And now they have expanded it to TV commercials. 

If I was trying to survive constant shootings in my gang-riddled neighborhood, or scared to death my child could get killed walking to a lousy school and trying to find a job that will allow me to feed and dress my family better, I’d be angry and very disappointed. Because according to TV commercials, those kind of African Americans don’t have a place in America. Their plight doesn’t count. They don’t exist in TV Land.

The leftist progressives have held down African Americans for 50 years and only use them to get votes by doling out free benefits. African Americans better wake up because these leftists will eventually destroy them and their culture. 

These advertising companies are nothing more than the usual plantation owners that pretend to care for African Americans. In reality, they only care about African Americans that fit their TV standards of perfection. The rest are worthless to them. 





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