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More deceit by the US Commission on Civil Rights E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 14:46

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Joan Smith, Liberal

In reference to the events in Charlottesville, did anyone notice the remarkable restraint that was there? Except of course by the man in the automobile. 

It was reported that there were many participants carrying guns. Now if you want to believe that only the white supremacists had them that is your prerogative, but that would make it even more surprising that none were used, wouldn’t it?

Now if you alo want to believe that only white supremacists wielded bats and clubs that OK too, but I don’t.

As has been said, “No one knows who threw the first punch,” but it sure looked like the “protesters” and “victims” were fighting back.

The people that got permission for the rally had asked for a change of venue some distance away which would have given them and all more room and less chance for such a close confrontation, but they were denied that request.

White supremacists are trash, and it is not illegal to protest peacefully, but I venture to say not all the protesters were good people. 

Americans of all stripes and colors should protest the rewriting of history. The removal of monuments and the destruction of all vestiges of culture because it wasn’t perfect as seen in the eyes of the present day is in itself racist.

These protesters are repudiating the very culture and very document that allowed for the change that got equality and even superiority (affirmative action) that they now have.

I’ll put aside the white supremacists and ANTIFA for now.

Christians, a majority of you know which side is more amenable to our faith. Republican conservatives, Independents, it’s no secret the Democrats, with a lot of help from the Republican elites, the “deep state,” the shadow government, the entrenched Obama bureaucrats and the media are working hard to make this administration fail.

It’s upsetting, but even more now that the good guys are out. President Trump is listening more to his status quo advisors. This gives us more compromise with moderate Republicans who for eight years gave the Democrats everything they wanted.

The opposition is willing to do anything to bring about the socialist, open border, free (but unfair) trade, and even the introduction of Sharia Law that they so desire.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights finished their examination on the “event” and found the only guilty parties were the white supremacists. The ANTIFA were free of fault. I guess they are all good guys. Hmm!

We know right does not always prevail this side of heaven. Please do not believe everything the leftist news is spewing at you. It is mostly contrary of fact.

African Americans, as for Republicans being racists, please examine honestly which party were the segregationists.

Will the Commission on Civil Rights change their assessment about ANTIFA after the latest incident in Berkeley? I doubt it.

Pray for America.




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