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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 11:41


• Leader & Times

The completion of the bond project brought joy and praise from many in the USD 480 community. And even though students are already reaping the benefits of the new buildings, there are still a few last items that need to be taken care of, according to the most recent update from JE Dunn at the most recent meeting of the USD 480 school board Monday evening.

“Thanks for allowing me to give you an update this evening here,” Jeremy Catlett with JE Dunn began. “There’s really not a whole lot to update on. Meadowlark and MacArthur, we’ve got a handful of punchlist items that need to be taken care of, we’ve gotten some additional items we’ve been asked to do for them. Planting is nearly done, landscaping should be completed next week, I’ve been told. For the Phase III work, we’re in pretty much the same boat with all the substantial completion work and all that. With the punchlists, we’re going off all of that and making some changes that need to be done, some last-minute stuff. Sunflower, the concrete, I have no excuse other than we haven’t been able to get that all done, but I would give that another week or two. The drive lanes are almost done along with some of that other work. We’ve also prepared the substantial completion certificates and DLR has signed them, but their signed copies are not in the binders I gave to you guys earlier.”

After this quick update, Catlett answered some questions from the board members. 

“Would you say the number of those punchlist items is going down a lot then?” board member Stewart Cauble asked. “Are those issues you’ve seen getting fixed?”

“Oh yes,” Catlett said. “We haven’t seen hardly any other HVAC issues or any big things like that. There’s a few doors here and there where we need to go back and adjust the closures and test some stuff with them. And we’ve also had a few panic devices malfunction, but we are taking care of those and getting them replaced or fixed. And with key cards, I know we had at least one issue with a locker room door, but that’s getting a new panel. With one of the panels by one of the east annex entrances, I know there were some issues with that one as well, but that had some adjustments made and it’s functioning now. We’re working out a lot of those kinks.”

The punchlist items, Catlett continued, include some damaged shelves/cabinets to be replaced, painting touch-ups to some walls and damaged carpet tiles. There have also been some ceiling tiles that have been moved to replaced to make room for security cameras, Catlett said, among other work. There were also some concerns raised regarding lockers and locks as well as floor tiles in some classrooms. 

“At Eisenhower, all the lockers got turned over Monday with all the combinations, and at Seymour Rogers, we’re missing the chart that comes from the manufacture and supplier,” Catlett said. “Basically what happens is whenever they ship out the locks, it comes with a book, and it’s got all the locks with their tags and the locker number it goes to along with the combination. We’ve gotten in touch with MasterLock several times and we’re waiting for all of that to get sent to us so we can turn everything over.”

“I’ve had a lot of parents complaining ‘Why are there not lockers for everyone at Eisenhower still to this day?’” board member Matt Friederich said. “So what I would like to know is when will we see the final fruits of this project so we have lockers for all our students and put this behind us?”

“I can tell you at Eisenhower, those students will be getting them [Tuesday] morning,” Eisenhower Middle School teacher Daniel Minde said. 

Discussion continued regarding the lockers and locks (also an issue at Seymour Rogers Middle School) for several minutes, with the JE Dunn representatives saying they have been in constant contact with the manufacturer, and will be taking care of the issue soon. 

“I will tell you, with the situation at Eisenhower, they ordered the locks, but they were the wrong size, it’s a specific size that’s needed,” USD 480 Director of District Systems Michael Stovall said. “The correct locks have been ordered, and they’re en route, but the principal went ahead and told the parents and students they could bring their own locks until those officially came in.”

Later during the meeting, the board ultimately voted to approve Phase III substantial completion by a margin of 6-0, with board member Cliff Abbott absent. 

An brief update on some of the goings-on with the Bright Start preschool and the new building was also given to the board Monday evening. During Good Things, the teachers presented a short video of the students’ goings-on and expressed excitement regarding the preschool finally having its own building. Later on, USD 480 Director of Federal Programs Sheri King gave a positive update on some grant funding. 

“When I talked to all of you last week, we had 215 students enrolled, and as Ms. Jones reported tonight, we’re up to 240, so you can see how quickly those numbers went up with that,” King said. “That number’s changing rapidly, which is a good thing, and we want to fill up all of our slots, and I have no reason to believe that won’t happen. We could take up to almost another 50 slots before meeting our student to teacher ratio, and that’s the numbers we’re going for.”

King gave some other numbers regarding the preschool program to the board before concluding, and overall said things are going great at the school.

In other business, the board also completed first readings for a handful of contracts and approved purchases for projectors and athletic storage units. 




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