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Saturday, 07 October 2017 13:44


• Leader & Times

Angel Garcia said she recently received a vision in which she and a few other local women would be sharing stories of hurt and struggles.

“Each of the ladies were asked to share their stories and testimony of the hurt we’ve all gone through and how God has healed and restored that hurt,” she said.

That vision led to the creation of the ministry, “”Our Stories”,” and this coming Saturday, Garcia and friends Joanne Metcalf, Amanda Schwab, Brenda Shull and Brenda Jaramillo will share their stories in an event to encourage women called “Hurt Healing Restoration.”

Metcalf said what makes the event special is that five women have all experienced different kinds of hurt.

“Between the five of us who will be speaking, we have gone through anxiety, abuse, divorce, depression, death, loss of loved ones, cancer, prison,” she said. 

Schwab said the event, which runs from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday in Liberal High School’s Maskus Auditorium, will feature some drama as well.

“We have a drama because women like to be a little dramatic sometimes, but this is going to be a drama,” she said. “We have really great music. Michelle Laymon is going to come and kind of entertain us and kind of help us focus, create an atmosphere. We’ll share “Our Stories”. We’ll give “Our Stories”, and then we’re going to have a really fun time of questions and answers. It’s going to be good.”

Shull said when Garcia was given her vision, the “”Our Stories”” team simply thought it was only going to produce an event, but what the group got was so much more.

“We didn’t realize that there could possibly be more,” Shull said. “When she was given ‘Hurt Healing Restoration,’ she also had the name of the ministry, ‘“Our Stories”.’”

Garcia said the ministry was naturally divinely inspired.

“‘“Our Stories”’ are because of His story and because of our faith and belief in God and our relationship with the Lord and how it has healed us and restored us,” she said.

Schwab said “Our Stories” allows women to help each other in their time of need at any time.

“The purpose of the ministry is to give continued help and encouragement not just the day of the event,” she said. “We are getting things set now for women to be able to connect and be involved even after the event so that they can continue to help with encouragement.”

Garcia said through the ministry, the local group of women are doing what they were called to do.

“We’re just the vessels and know that God is completely in control and is going to do what needs to be done for those ladies that will be attending,” she said. 

As for Saturday’s event, Metcalf said she hopes those in attendance will come away highly, and positively, affected.

“I think specifically for me, I expect for every woman who attends to walk away encouraged in some aspect or area of their life,” she said. 

Shull said she wants those who come to Hurt Healing Restoration to understand that all women, including the “Our Stories” group, has been hurt in some way.

“When I went through grief with my dad, I didn’t really understand what grief truly was,” she said. “I just thought my world had just shattered into a million pieces. I didn’t understand that was the true depth of grief.”

Schwab said she too wants women to come away with the understanding that they are not alone in their pain, as well as some other knowledge from the event.

“There are people out there that genuinely love them and care about them and want to help them walk a life of victory and purpose and joy,” she said. “So many times, we feel defeated because the hurt is so intense. The pain is so deep. It’s very hard for us to live productively and purposefully and joyfully and passionately when we’re dealing with the muck and the mire of life. It’s our hope that these women will come, that they will hear our honesty, see our transparency and know that there’s hope, there’s help, there’s healing, there’s restoration that can come to them if they’re willing to embrace it.”

Shull said each of the speakers at Hurt Healing Restoration is taking a leap of faith in telling their stories.

“Each one of us is going to be vulnerable with something that we really struggle with, and we’re speaking out,” she said. “Some of us are still walking through some of the issues. We haven’t conquered it all. We don’t have it all together, but we know who does.”

Garcia, though, said God gives all people the strength and understanding to deal with life’s struggles on a daily basis.

Other events may be in the works for the “Our Stories” ministry, but Schwab said they may or may not have a similar format to Hurt Healing Restoration.

“Are we always going to be the ones sharing “Our Stories”, or are we going to have other women come in that have different hurts and different stories and different walks of healing and restoration?,” she said. “We’re taking it one day at a time, one event at a time, and we’ll see what happens from Oct. 14.”

While the event is meant to help and encourage women, Metcalf said those who are not hurting are welcome to come as well.

“I think it’s important to mention that anyone and everyone should come,” she said. “It’s not just women who feel like they’re drowning.”

Schwab said though a woman may not be going through some of the struggles of life, more than likely, they know someone who is.

Garcia said the Bible and God both teach that there is a right and a wrong way to do things, and going in the wrong direction has consequences.

“Not doing it that right way leads to that destruction, leads to that depression, leads to all of the things that cause all of that hurt and suffering and pain,” she said.

This is just part of what the “Our Stories” group hopes those who attend Hurt Healing Restoration get out of it, and Schwab emphasized the friend factor in the healing equation.

“You might be the woman that is walking in good emotional health and healing, but I’m sure that you know someone that might not be,” she said. “There’s always somebody that you know that needs encouragement, that needs help, that needs to know that they have purpose and that they’re important and that this is not going to destroy them. Maybe you don’t need to hear “Our Stories”, but you know somebody that does.”

Metcalf took Schwab’s advice a step further.

“Don’t just invite them, but offer to bring them,” she said. “If they don’t, come anyway so that you are equipped and encouraged to go back and help them.”

Shull said the “Our Stories” members are trying not to look too far ahead as far as planning future events.

“It’s just been one day at a time,” she said. “Every meeting we get together, God reveals more. It’s just day by day wherever God leads us. He’s not showing us a year from now. He’s showing us day by day, and every meeting we have, we’re inspired by God to what He wants next.”

Schwab said one of the most difficult things for women to do in relationships is “walk the talk.” She said this is hard because of how they are viewed.

“People are watching,” she said. “Our feathers get ruffled a little bit just like everybody else’s, and there are things that sometimes take us back maybe to a specific hurt.”

Garcia said “Our Stories” allows all of its members to provide help that many sorely need.

“Because of that purpose and plan that is for our lives, it brings us to that position moving forward, going forward in our lives and being blessed and blessing others,” she said.

Shull reminded all women, including the “Our Stories” group, do not have to have it all together.

“We are not on pedestals,” she said. “We are walking in some victories. Because we’re there doesn’t mean that we’re higher than anyone else. All of us are all on the same level. In my own Christian walk, I’d always look at women that had it all together, and here I am struggling and just look at them above me. That’s not the case.”




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