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Monday, 04 December 2017 10:00


Hugoton to showcase holiday homes

• Leader & Times

December is here, and with lights, snowmen and Santas displayed in front of and inside homes, the holiday season is definitely in the air.

Today, some Liberal homes will be on display as part of OTLR’s Holiday Home Tour, and Sunday, Dec. 10, those wanting to see some more homes can do so in Hugoton and Moscow.

The Preceptor Delta Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi is sponsoring the Christmas Parade of Homes in the Stevens County towns from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. next Sunday.

Tickets are $15 and can be bought by calling Lisa Nelson at 620-428-1778. Proceeds from the tickets will go toward scholarships provided by the sorority.

“Our tickets have the addresses of all the locations,” she said. “We’ve got three houses in Hugoton and one house in Moscow.”

Homes on the tour include:

• Keith and Lisa Rome at 1505 Eisenhower in Hugoton;

• Adrian and Kristen Howie at 1606 Eisenhower in Hugoton;

• Debi Reeder Peterson at 1001 S. Trindle in Hugoton; and

• Curtis and Toni Crawford at 207 Cook Street in Moscow.

Afterwards, tour goers can drop by the United Methodist Church in Hugoton for refreshments.

Nelson said the Parade of Homes is not necessarily new, but rather the renewal of an old local favorite.

“It’s the first time in many years that it has been done, but the sororities used to do it years ago,” she said.

Nelson said Preceptor Delta Lambda was looking for a fundraiser for its scholarships, and the Parade of Homes fit the bill.

“They wanted to come up with something different, so I just started asking people if they’d be interested,” she said. “They said yes, and we decided to do it. We’ve already got three homes for next year.”

Nelson said sorority members printed 150 tickets for next Sunday’s event in the hopes of having a good turnout.

“We’ve got one house that already has 15 trees up,” she said. “They’re decorating every room. That’s not a precursor. You don’t have to, but it is done at Christmas. That’s up to you, whether you decorate for Christmas or not.”

Nelson said the sorority’s planning committee simply came up with some names in the community to decide which homes would take part in the tour.

“We like to keep it to four homes,” she said. “We knew which people we wanted to ask. We just asked those four people. We actually asked five. Four said yes, and the other one is going to do it next year. We knew out of the five, we could get four, and we did.”

Nelson added there is a good mix of new and used homes on this year’s tour.

“We have a new build, and we have one that has been basically remodeled from top to bottom in Moscow,” she said. “The other two, they’re older homes, but they’ve all been remodeled. One of the houses, they’re going to have pictures of what it used to look like to compare to what it looks like now.”

With fewer homes in Hugoton and Moscow than in Liberal, Nelson said this is another reason sorority members kept the list of homes short.

“It’s their home, and it’s a Sunday afternoon,” she said. “We try to keep it convenient for them also.”

The deadline for registering homes for the tour was in August, in the heat of a Southwest Kansas summer, not typically when thoughts of Christmas are on one’s mind. Nelson said that made little difference in the planning process.

“We didn’t think about that,” she said. “We just were wanting to do a fundraiser. We thought this is the time of the year they used to do it years ago. The reason people like to show off their homes is when they’ve got it decorated. Let’s do Christmas.”

Nelson said plans for the Parade of Homes likewise were done in the hopes of renewing an old local holiday favorite.

“When they used to do the parade of homes, I think it’s always been around Christmas,” she said. “It was very successful in years past, years ago, so people were glad to see it come back.”

Nelson said she understands that likely, most of the people who come to the tour will be women.

“It’s something the women definitely like to get out and do,” she said. “Some men may come, but I don’t know that a lot will.”

For more information on the Christmas Parade of Homes, call Nelson at 620-428-1778 or Valerie Hershey at 620-544-9721.




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