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Questions about contract will continue E-mail
Monday, 04 December 2017 10:06


LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal

While seeking answers, we should still be respectful to those we are questioning, and while we have a right to have our questions answered, being disrespectful in getting them is not acceptable. 

On the 14th of Nov. I attended a meeting of the City Commissioners asking to simply clarify how the commissioners could devise and execute a massive contract for Mr. Hall in such a short time.

Six simple questions any of them could have answered, especially attorney Ms. McQueen. You could see the question on her face as she looked at the end where Mayor Denoyer and Mr. Hall were sitting and promptly refused to answer any questions.

It didn’t take any allotted five minutes to know no one was going to give me an answer on anything.

Now, I went back on the 28th and had a different approach for answers. Remembering Ms. McQueen said she wasn’t going to talk to me, I directed all my questions to be answered by Mr. Denoyer; question No. 1Who determined it was time for a new contract, No. 2 What attorney revised it? No. 3 Who told him/her what to add, revise, or delete? No. 4 When was it prepared? No. 5 Did all Commissioners receive a copy at the same time? No. 6 How was it decided so quickly that it was fair and good for the community?

Guess what the answer was to all questions? Yes indeed — “That was discussed in executive session.”

Mr. Harrison just had to have his input that I wasn’t really asking questions. How shall I rephrase them next time?

The consent agenda for Items from Citizens states that they cannot hear matters involving litigation or city personnel.

Fine — I’m talking contracts – both already signed by Mayor Denoyer and Mr. Hall. For the contracts to be printed (with copies) in time to be read in 10 minutes means there had to have been at least one meeting before hand which makes it NON EXECUTIVE, which also means the public has a right to that information. That’s a subject for the next meeting — and another five minutes gone.

Now for something even more critical; no matter how we feel about our commissioners and city manager, there’s a right way and a wrong way to address our concerns.

Mr. Denoyer was accosted with his children in Walmart by a man using filthy language in front of his kids, sent unsigned hate mail, abusive phone calls, calls at work and even fallout at his church.

All of these are unacceptable! These are things bullies and cowards do to hide what they are. Where are you during the council meetings with questions and maybe suggestions or solutions? Three total letters to the editor about this whole mess. I hear many complaints on this and the Zito situation, but you each need to do your share in making this a better community.

In spite of Joe getting sucked into this mess, we need people like him in this community. This man volunteers for things you neither know nor care about. Act like adults and approach him and others with respect. See how you can be part of the right solutions for all of us.




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