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What are the top dangers to our republic? E-mail
Friday, 12 January 2018 08:48


GUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet

It is troubling left-wing progressives (aka: hard-left Democrats) hate a man who swore upon The Holy Bible a year ago the following:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

They believed that oath when never-had-a job community organizer, little-known two-year Senator Barack Hussein Obama swore the same thing in January 2009.

Why not now?

Why not accept the current President as the President of the United States of America?

Why the hatred and division?

I’ll tell you.

Trump awoke the true American character. He stimulated belief in our proud Judeo-Christian values, and he promised to look out for the common man – the American.

And that folks, is totally unacceptable to those whose dreams for years were heading in the right direction under a socialist progressive President that hates America and every thing it stands for, and his attempted destruction of everything about our Constitution.

And now, too, the major media has discarded all those old phony pretenses of unbiased reporting and now openly pursue war against President Trump and his supporters. 

They are attempting a coup.

It’s opened my mind to what dangers Americans will face in 2018. What threats to our Constitution are prevalent and threats to our own lives, and why our Founding Fathers warned of “Enemies Within.”

As we start off this year, 2018, here are, in my opinion, the current Top 10 dangers to our Constitutional Republic and the safety of “all” the American people:


2.) CNN

3.) New York Times

4.) Washington Post

5.) NBC

6.) CBS

7.) ABC

8.) ISIS/Al-Queda

9.) Illegal immigration/sanctuary cities/states

10.) America’s left-wing progressive judges tied to all left-wing progressive groups registered in the U.S.

The major media, which was given the protection of free speech in the First Amendment, has decided to use that freedom to unseat – in an insidious coup – a duly elected President. 

The Founding Fathers are surely turning over in their graves, never suspecting this “press” bloc would use its Constitutional protection to subvert the very document that guaranteed “the press” would survive for 242 years.

The Founding Fathers figured “the press” would uncover corruption, expose chicanery and prevent tyranny. They never believed “the press” would turn on the people it was supposed to protect and then become the tyrant – en masse.

None of the above “news” sources have told the American people the truth about the corruption of the Obama Administration or the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee. This is what makes them so dangerous – they won’t report corruption if it’s by left-wing progressives. They sweep it under the rug.

They have collectively closed their eyes to scandals such as “Fast and Furious,” the “Benghazi Murders,” Hillary’s “Email Debacle,” the “Uranium One deal,” or of Obama halting investigations of Hezbollah selling hundreds of millions in drugs to Americans – just to mention a few. 

There are so many more the media has turned a blind eye to, and it has cost innocent Americans their very lives. But those deaths are just collateral damage to leftists when trying to overthrow a superpower.

No administration in history like Obama’s used so many cabinet positions or officials to illegally attack, spy on, or use threats of prison against his political enemies. Where were the media stalwarts of honesty and transparency of government and its operations?

Nowhere, that’s where.

We now have the worst “news” show on earth bragging it is seeing higher ratings on its “Morning Joe” program — a program that lies and distorts every fact and statistic about Trump, uses horrible names, and filthy innuendo – even against every person who voted for him, too.

This goes on nearly every sentence, every minute, every hour, every morning. It’s obvious the “Morning Joe” crew has shunned any semblance of professionalism and civil decency.

But most important, they have shown they have no class – whatsoever. 

Not even “third.”

Why do these “news” groups bury real news, fail to report the truth altogether, try to rewrite history like Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and pursue the constant brainwashing of the American people?

Because they, like Obama, want a Socialist Progressive country where they can control you. 

And you. 

And you, too. 

They despise America’s Constitution, her laws, her judicial system, immigration control, successful companies (like mom and pop bakeries) and corporations that make a profit. 

And, of course, they hate people of faith, unless they’re Jihadists, then its OK.

And the dangers to peoples’ lives in sanctuary cities is unbelievable and very, very dangerous. 

The mayors and councils of these cities want to give illegal immigrant convicts protection, shield them from deportation or prison – put them back in the community to ravage and pilfer and murder. 

They could care less about the safety of American citizens – and they spend more money supporting the illegal convicts than their citizens, too.

Millions of Americans are screaming at the top of their lungs, “Who elects these leftists who show such contempt for their true American citizens?”

It is also apparent left-wing progressive judges are working to dismantle the Constitution. They have decided to dismiss the three constitutional boundaries between the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches. They consistently legislate from their benches, which is as unconstitutional as it gets, much like the outlaws leading the Kansas Supreme Court.

And then there are 500 registered “Leading U.S. Progressive Organizations,” The groups are tied for 10th place, and they are dedicated to the destruction of this great nation, too. Go to: http://www.startguide.org/orgs/orgs00.html, and see for yourself.

I challenge you. 

I dare you.

The list does not include the thousands of professors and teachers at every university or state college from coast to coast, but they are dangerous as well. 

Dismiss them at your own peril.




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