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I am a Christian and supporter of gays E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 10:58

Letter to the editor

Kau Burtzloff, Liberal

I am writing in regards to the opinion piece by Larry Phillips, “No matter what movies say, gay is still gay.” In it, he claims progressive Democrats are attacking “traditional Christian values” and then goes on to link a child pornography case (adult male with young female pornography) to LGBT portrayals on TV and then equating gay marriage to sex and marriage to a horse (aka bestiality.) He also asserts that gay and transgender individuals are mentally ill. He ends on a pious note that he “prays he’s not the only one.”alt

As a former journalist and long-time professional writer, I feel comfortable asserting that it is a poorly written piece with large gaps in logic and coherence. I’m sure the string of red herrings makes sense to him but based on the numerous Facebook and web page comments, I think the majority of people responding agreed with my assessment that it was confusing, offensive, and should not have been given the legitimacy of being published. The editorial policies of most newspapers would have prohibited it on the writing alone, much less the content.

I admit the editorial made me extremely angry, primarily because I have gay and transgender family members and friends that I have seen relentlessly bullied by people who have identified themselves as “traditional Christians.” I have personally known teens that were kicked out of their homes for being gay or left because, in the words of one young man, “my stepfather (a minister) said he was going to beat the gay out of me.” The National Coalition for the Homelessness reports that 40 percent of the homeless youth served by agencies identify as LGBT.  Bullying statistics show that 9 out of 10 LGBT teens report that they have been bullied. Often religion (or The Bible) is used as the basis for that bullying.

I will freely admit to being a progressive Democrat and (gasp) a Christian who believes that “Traditional Christian Values” should be compassion, love and accepting people as the unique creations of God that they are. We have many LGBT community members and gay married couples who are wonderful members of our community. They do not deserve the vilification that this editorial promotes. While horrified at child pornography, I also would like to pray that Larry is one of the few we have in our community who espouses such hateful and bigoted views about our LGBT members.




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