Hugoton teachers suspended for having marijuana at school Print




HUGOTON — On March 6th, school officials say they found marijuana on school property, outside of Hugoton High School.

Allegations led school officials to believe teachers were involved and three were suspended with pay.  The decision led to strong reactions from the community.

“I don’t think they should be paid,” said Billy Woodworth who had children go through the Hugoton school system. “I think they should stop their paycheck once this happens.”

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, the board decided to put art teacher Doug Waters on leave without pay until March 31st.  Wrestling coach and social studies teacher Brent Mahan continues to be on leave with pay, and girls basketball coach and special education teacher Andy Gillen was reinstated and is now back at school.

The school is cooperating with Hugoton police to find out more.

“Our schools, and the workplace, are drug free and that’s an important policy for us to uphold, and we were shocked to find marijuana on the premises,” said superintendent of schools Mark Crawford.

The employment and pay status of the three teachers will ultimately be decided by the outcome of the police investigation.

The next school board meeting is on March 31st.

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