Preventing crime, one school at a time Print
Thursday, 23 May 2013 09:26

Miss Anna Wright’s sixth grade class lines up to get pizza in her classroom Wednesday. The Liberal Police Department provided the pizza as a thank-you to the kids for helping them come up with a slogan for this year’s National Night Out. L&T photo/Victoria Calderon


By  Victoria Calderon
• Leader & Times
Miss Anna Wright’s sixth grade class at Cottonwood Intermediate School enjoyed a pizza party on Wednesday, compliments of the Liberal Police Department. The LPD wanted to show gratitude to these sixth graders for helping LPD come up with a slogan for National Night Out. 
National Night Out is an event that occurs annually across the country, and is put on by local communities. 
The committee in charge of this event in Liberal consists of the police department, the fire department and Liberal Parks and Recreation Department. 
This year, the committee wanted to try something new. They asked Cottonwood and Sunflower Intermediate Schools to participate in a contest to see who could come up with the best slogan for the event. The contest was  open to all classes in both schools.
Miss Wright’s class earned the honor of  having their motto chosen to be the official slogan of Liberal’s National Night Out. Their winning slogan was “Crime won’t stop until communities start.”
LPD Sgt. Jared Ratzlaff, a key player in preparations for the event, said that the committee had the privilege of choosing the winner.
“We all got together and looked through everything that we got and just did a majority rules vote with it,” he said.
The committee had many slogans to choose from. Examples of others submitted include “Safe communities equal great communities,” “Police, Firefighters, EMS is the door to success,” and “If you’re out on the town, keep a friend around.”
National Night Out is designed to help prevent crime in individual communities, and has been a force that brings the Liberal community together. This year will be the fourth year local citizens have participated in the program.
Ratzlaff summarized the purpose of National Night Out.
“A night where the community comes together to work together to fight crime,” he said. “And when I say fight crime, not like vigilantes, but just to watch each other’s back, kind of a neighborhood watch type atmosphere.”
National Night Out will be conducted from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Aug. 6 at Blue Bonnet Park. There will be food, games and prizes at the event.

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