Liberal’s Yard of the Week Print
Monday, 29 July 2013 10:14

What to do with a blank canvas? A good example of what can be done is at this week’s yard of the week. It is located at 1035 N. Jordan and is owned by Mark and Laura Strange. They have lived at the residence since the summer of 2011. The only things found in the landscape when they moved in were a large burning bush and a varigated euonymus in the front. Since there were no trees, the couple set out to remedy this. In the front, they planted Cleveland pears and a globe willow. The willow has been moved three times and seems to be happy with its newest and final location in an island bed. Also in this bed are two ninebarks and an orange glow barberry. A bed lining the front of the house contains dwarf pampas grass, a red knock-out rose, a spirea, a virburnum, Jane magnolias, and that large burning bush. Scattered among these plants are several interesting pots which have been planted with vinca, geraniums and verbena. Around the corner is a wooden gate with a large wire planter. It is a preview of what is to come. In the back are Bradford pears and river birch. A covered patio allows the owners to sit and enjoy a meal while enjoying their landscape. Leading from the patio is a boardwalk to the large shed with its covered porch. A bed along one side of the fence has been planted with pampas grass, Lorean lilacs, a viburnum and roses. A sweet elephant fountain adds to the comforts of the yard. Please drive by this residence. It is amazing what can be accomplished with hard work and some wonderful planting material. It is certainly a complete turn around for this landscape. Courtesy photo

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