City to propose 4.8 mill levy increase Print
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 10:13


• Leader & Times


The Liberal City Commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight will be the first time that the public hears the 2014 budget proposal for Ordinance No. 4413, which is the levying of tax revenues for budget year 2014 in excess of limitation.

The proposed budget amount of $32,735,000, a mill levy dollar amount of $5,481,492 and a mill levy of 47.848 mills, is based on the July 1 estimated valuation. This signifies a 4.822 mill increase and an increase in valorem tax dollar of $553,205 from last year’s budget.

Chris Ford, finance director, emphasizes that in order to combat ever-increasing operational costs, every effort has been exhausted. However, in order to maintain things at the level that they are now for citizens, some changes have to be made. The mill levy had not changed for the past seven years.

Thus, the number of mills necessary for the funding of the dollar request is likely to change, but the levied dollars will not change.

Property tax dollars requested will exceed the limitation amount and an ordinance is required to be adopted to levy the requested property taxes in excess of the prior year levy amount.

There will also be coverage of Resolution No. 2174, FFA Grant Rehabilitation Taxiway A & Taxiway C Project, which would allow construction done in phases so that aircraft will have access to the runway system at all times, as well as accommodate the Oct. 2014 Air Fair. This item will be presented by Debbie Giskie, Airport manager tonight. The total project cost for the Taxiway A & C project is $4,442,500. Qualifying for Federal funding is 95 percent and locally, there is a 5 percent patch of $222,125.

Other items include the purchase of an IP camera and server by the Police Department to allow surveillance of high crime areas involving graffiti or other criminal damages; Resolution No. 2175, or the authorizing of submittal of a 2013 Kansas Moderate Income Housing Grant Application to the Kansas Housing Resources corporation; memorandum of understanding between USD 480 and Mid America Air Museum/City of Liberal for 2013 Robotics Cooperative Program; and urban boundary lines, a small change in highways and roads for access to federal funding recommended by K.D.O.T, will be presented by Public Works Director Joe Sealey.

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