Fine tuning delays new fire station opening Print
Sunday, 23 November 2008 22:14

Daily Leader photo/Jessica Crawford The new fire station is located on 15th Street just west of Walgreens. The finishing touches are currently being made on the building which is expected to be completed on Dec. 1.



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Dec. 1 is the day – the day Building Solutions has committed to the completion of the new north fire station. With only minor adjustments that need to be made to the building, Building Solutions feels confident it can meet the deadline, according to Liberal Fire Chief Kelly Kirk.

“It’s just simple stuff that needs to be done, like adjustments on doors, running and balancing all the mechanical systems, the heat and air, hot water and things like that,” Kirk said. “Really just a lot of simple things, but we have maintained all along that we don’t want to accept the building until it is complete.”

Upon completion of the new fire station, things will basically operate the same way they always have, Kirk said. However, all administrative personnel and shift captains will be at the north station.

“The new station will be the headquarters,” he said. “We will have all of our administration there, also the shift captains will work out of that station and two firefighters will be on duty there and two firefighters will be on duty at the south station.”

The Liberal Fire Department and the Seward County Fire Department will be sharing the building. Kirk said they will have the same amount of square footage they had in the previous station.

“Our agreement with Seward County was we would provide them with all of the same square footage that they had at the previous station and the city would furnish exactly the square foot-wise what they had before and everything over and above that, they would be responsible for it,” Kirk explained. “If they wanted to expand or add anything, they would be responsible for any overages on that.”

According to Kirk, Building Solutions has been working on the $1.585 million building since October. He added that the county will be responsible for $275,000 of that cost, while the city will pay the greater difference.