Parks & Rec looks to improve guidelines for weather-called games Print
Friday, 13 June 2014 09:37


• Parks & Rec Department


Due to the high concern of the public, as well as the unpredictable weather conditions of Southwest Kansas, Liberal Recreation is ready to improve its system on how and when games will be called off.

The recreation department is working on taking progressive steps to improve weather policies that affect both the youth and adult sporting programs.

The recreation department hosts an average of about 55 games per week during the month of June. As a result, knowing the weather conditions is a very important part of preparing for the week’s games.

“Our main concern is the safety of the public,” said William Weber, Recreation Director. “Calling a game off is a tough decision to make, but we feel with research and taking proper precaution, we will be able to call off games when necessary to assure the public’s safety.”

One of the steps that the recreation center is taking is to have lightning detectors at the ball fields where staff will be alerted.

In addition, having radar applications and listening to radio updates will be added to the list of duties for supervisors and scorekeepers.

As the recreation department takes these steps and more on improving the calls during inclement weather, staff asks for the public’s patience and appreciate their participation in the recreation programs.

For any questions about cancellations or the new weather policy implementations, feel free to call 626-0133 or visit the recreation center at 1109 W. 7th St.

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