Lightning strikes thrice Print
Thursday, 27 May 2010 10:03

The Liberal Fire Department had to literally be in three places at once Wednesday morning. According to Chief Kelly Kirk lightning caused issues at a home on North Cain, LEFT, Dillon’s, ABOVE, and Verizon Wireless. “The first call was for a lightening strike on a house structure fire,” Kirk said. “From what I heard from the guys that have been there, it hit the tree outside and travelled into the house. They did report some smoke in one of the rooms. They are checking all the crawl spaces.” Call No. 2 sent the LFD to Dillons. “It looks like at Dillon’s, lightning hit the top of the fuel center and let off some vapors out of the vent tubes from one of the underground tanks,” Kirk said. “The safety checks did their job, it burned off most of the vapor. It extinguished itself prior us getting here.” He added apparent damage was done to the roof of the fuel island.  A roof fire was also reported at Verizon Wireless at 1503 N. Kansas. Daily Leader photos/Jessica Crawford

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