Meade Lake still closed, KDHE opens 2 other Kan. lakes Print
Monday, 30 August 2010 10:26

Though authorities are warning people to stay out of Meade Lake, the campgrounds are still open. The warnings come from an outbreak of toxic blue algae which has exceeded the recommended levels that are safe for humans or animals. Daily Leader file photo/Jessica Crawford


• Special to the Daily Leader
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced Friday two Kansas lakes have had their blue algae advisories rescinded, but Meade Lake was still listed under a warning and closed.
KDHE continues to monitor waters for blue-green algae. Below is a list of rescinded advisories, advisories and warnings.
Lovewell Reservoir in Jewell County and Santa Fe Lake in Butler County have been deemed safe for public use. The public health advisory restricting activities due to harmful blue-green algae has been lifted.
Harmful algae is still detected at Centralia City Lake in Nemaha County. However, levels are improving and the warning has been downgraded to an advisory to allow for boating and fishing at the lake.  All other contact with water is discouraged for people and pets.
Elevated toxic blue-green algae concentrations continue to be detected at the following locations: Meade State Lake, Meade County; Central Park Lake, Shawnee County; Veteran’s Lake, Barton County. 
Current concentrations of algae in these waters exceeded the KDHE recommended level of 100,000 cells/ml for recreational water use. 
KDHE recommends the following precautions be taken:
o Do not drink the lake water 
o Avoid swimming, wading or other activities with full body contact of lake water
o Clean fish well, consume only the fillet portion, and discard all other body parts
o Keep pets from having contact with or drinking the water
Lake samples were taken by KDHE earlier this week and samples will be taken again next week.  KDHE may revise or lift the public health warning based on future test results. 
KDHE will continue to monitor the situations and rescind this warning as soon as conditions warrant. If the public has any questions or concerns, KDHE can be contacted during normal business hours at (866) 865-3233.
Further information on algae and algae blooms can be found at: 

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