Folk Arts Festival kicks off Saturday Print
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 15:26

Shoppers mingle in the aisles of the SPBH Folk Arts Festival last year at the Activity Center in Liberal. The 42nd edition of the festival kicks off Saturday morning and runs through Sunday afternoon. Courtesy photo


• Daily Leader
The Society for the Prevention of Bored Housewives will offer its annual Folk Art Festival this weekend for the 42nd year. The Activity Center will be filled with items that are likely to keep the most experienced shopper captivated for quite some time. However, due to the recent loss of a SPBH club member, the weekend will also be a time of remembrance.
“This year the craft show is in memory of one of our club members that passed away,” SPBH President Ada Linenbroker said. “Kathy Purdy was in the club for 20 years. She died on Sept. 10, and her husband, Terry, died this past Sunday.
“We just want people to know she was part of our club,” she added. “She didn’t live in Liberal anymore, but she was still very active in the club. Kathy was an interesting, cool person. We loved her so much, she would come out and help with anything. She was just really cheerful and fun to be around. She is really going to be missed.”
Giving is not a new concept for SPBH members, but this year, Linenbroker said, doing for others is particularly special because it will be in honor of Purdy. 
Recently, SPBH bought freezers for four particular food cupboards in Liberal when Wal-Mart agreed to donate food to food banks throughout the city. The program has been so successful thus far, Linenbroker said SPBH will be continuing the project. And during this weekend’s Folk Art Festival, the entire community can get involved.
“We gave those freezers to the food cupboards and got the program set up with Wal-Mart to get them food,” she said. “It is going wonderfully. I heard from Pat (Alsbury) at Stepping Stone Shelter and she said it is going better than expected because they have so much food coming. We decided we would just continue that project throughout the year. 
“We have four booths we are setting up at the craft show, each booth will have a table and we are setting up Christmas trees – we will have four trees,” she explained. “People are donating Christmas ornaments. Now, when you bring in your non-perishable food item you can donate it to one of the four food cupboards and you get to pick an ornament off of the particular tree. That way everyone can take a little bit home with them. People can bring as many items as they want, that way they can pick a few ornaments. That way everyone gets something that reflects the holiday spirit.”
Linenbroker said anyone interested in donating ornaments can bring them to the Activity Center from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday.
The four food cupboards SPBH will be assisting are Stepping Stone Shelter, Community Baptist Church, Fellowship Baptist Church and United Methodist Mexican American Ministries.
As always, Linenbroker said, the Folk Art Festival is not just about shopping. From food to entertainment, there will be plenty of excitement for everyone.
“We have Poppa D Clown again this year,” she said. “He will be out there on Sunday afternoon. We will have Mike Brock and Paul Corder out there doing the kitchen. We will be having a gourmet kitchen this year. We will have breakfast and lunch items – people can come out and eat homemade chicken and noodles, pulled pork sandwiches. 
“Paul’s wife, Natasha, is from Russia,” she continued. “She makes all kinds of things. We will have German chocolate cake, honey cake and she makes the best cookies. So, we are going to have some good food. 
“We are also going to have a special on Sunday,” she added. 
“You can come out and eat lunch and have a choice between lemon pepper pork or chicken, vegetables and everything with it as well as a drink for $5.99. It will be a full meal. We will start serving lunch at noon on Sunday and will keep going until we run out.” 
The Folk Art Festival runs from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Seward County Activity Center. Doors will reopen from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.
“This year’s festival will host over 100 assorted craftsmen from Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Colorado,” Linenbroker said. “We will have baked goods, homemade cookies, candy, and lots of jalapeno stuff. We have some people coming from Nebraska that are making all kinds of things with honey. For people who like jewelry, there will be plenty of jewelry. People will be doing home decor, Christmas decorating, furniture, paintings – and the list goes on and on.”
The proceeds, Linenbroker said, will be used to give 10 local families a very merry Christmas. Proceeds will also help SPBH stay involved in stocking the City of Liberal’s food banks.
“The proceeds from the festival are used to take care of 10 Christmas families,” she said. “This year, we are doing the food cupboard thing so we may end up giving a lot of money to the cupboards – that has kind of become our project. But, every year we do something. Every year, the money from the craft show ends up with whoever in the community needs it – that is what we do.”

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