Parking lot study shows pool drawing patrons to Liberal Print
Monday, 13 July 2009 00:00

 By EARL WATT • Daily Leader In just one week, the new Adventure Bay Family Water park has become a draw for Liberal.

A Daily Leader study revelaed that 40 percent of the vehicles in the parking lot on Saturday came from outside Seward County.

All parking spaces on the new lot were filled, and several cars were parked along the streets.

The pool reached capacity about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, according to announcements from Adventure Bay manager Curtis Berens.

At that time, 165 cars were in the lots.

Sixty six of those were from outside of Seward County.

Most were from Oklahoma (21) and Texas (15).

The highest car total from a Kansas county outside of Seward was Finney County with eight.

Adventure Bay has only been open one week, and the opening was not highly publicized so that park workers could get a feel for the size of crowds the park would handle, according to city officials.

Even with a low-profile opening, the park has pulled capacity crowds with five of the seven days the park has been open topping 100 degrees.

The draw from outlying areas shows the economic pull the park has already created for the City of Liberal.


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