Guymon teen drowns at Meade Lake Print
Monday, 27 July 2009 08:32

Martin Laries, 16, drowns when he steps off into deep water in Meade Lake’s swimming area


• Daily Leader staff report


A Guymon, Okla., teenager who was unable to swim drowned Saturday at Meade Lake in Meade State Park.

According to Guymon Daily Herald reporter Travis A. Ruiz, Martin Laries, 16, of Guymon, died Saturday at the Meade District Hospital in Meade. Officials at the lake say that his body was recovered after

5 p.m. in about six-and-a-half feet of water.

Ruiz noted an emergency call  about the incident was made at 5:14 p.m., and officials located the victim by 5:27 p.m. Officials also say the uncle tried to save the victim, but the water was too high for him as well. No one with the teen spoke English so there was confusion, Ruiz reported.

The teen was at the park with an uncle and two friends, and it was reported none of them knew how to swim.

Meade State Park Manager Mark Goldsberry told Ruiz that the teen was in the swimming area when he entered water that went over his head.

“He couldn’t swim, and he got into the water, and it went over his head,” Goldsberry said.

Ruiz noted Goldsberry has worked at Meade Lake since December 1980, and Goldsberry said this is the lake’s fifth drowning in that time period.

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