McSpadden: You have to win the first one Print


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Eight teams in Region 6 have the goal of advancing to the NJCAA College World Series, and Seward County is one of them.

Seward is the No. 1 seed of the Region 6 tournament and will face Kansas City, Kan., in the first round of the championship tournament at 1 p.m. Friday at Lawrence Dumont Stadium in Wichita, and despite the temptation to look ahead to the next game, or possibly the next, Seward coach Galen McSpadden understands the importance of the game right in front of them.

“You have to win the first one,” McSpadden said.

With that philosophy, he will be putting his ace on the mound against eighth-seeded Kansas City.

“(Tyler) Wiedenfeld gets it,” he said. “You don’t make any moves in Game 1. Then you go after Win 2, then Win 3.”

Some coaches might try to sneak through the first round with their No. 2 or No. 3 pitcher, but it is a risky venture that may land a team in the loser’s bracket after the first day of the tournament.

That could mean having to play more games, something McSpadden would like to avoid.

“We are thin on the mound,” he said. “We have to put ourselves in the best position to play least amount of games. No decision is made beyond Game 1.”

McSpadden will be able to see the entire field of teams Friday, and based on what he sees he will be able to determine the best pitching match-up for the second opponent.

“Pitching is geared to how we will go, he said. “Somebody can outguess or overcoach. I’ve never been accused of that.”

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