Batters struggle in first two games at NBC Print
Monday, 29 July 2013 09:48


• Leader & Times

When a team’s lead-off and second batters are a combined 0-for-20 in its first two games of the NBC World Series, it would come as no surprise that the team is struggling.

But that is the position the Bee Jays find themselves in up and down the line-up, beginning at the top. Tanner Kirk and Darien McLemore have yet to get a hit at the tournament.

In Sunday’s win against Albuquerque, the first four batters in the Liberal line-up failed to get a hit.

All six hits against the Diablos came from the bottom five hitters with the best performance coming from nine-hole hitter Lewis Guilbeau who turned in a 2-for-3 performance with an RBI.

The Bee Jay pitching has been stellar. In 22 innings of work, Liberal has only allowed four runs.

But it has been the lack of offense that has put the Bee Jays in a position to be eliminated.

If the Bee Jays can reach their league batting averages, their chances are good to survive the loser’s bracket.

But at 1-1, there is no room for error.

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