Who will coach track this season? Print
Friday, 12 December 2008 10:04

• Daily Leader

The Redskin track team has the best run in the history of Kansas.

 From 1991 to 2004, the Redskins won 14 consecutive state track championships.

During the same period the girls won 10 state track titles.

Most of that success occurred under the direction of legendary coach Gary Cornelsen. During that same time period, Cornelsen won four football titles as well, earning him 23 state championships as a coach in a period of  14 years.

When coach Tom Schroeder stepped down as football coach, he also resigned from boys track.

Schroeder was set to begin his stint as track coach after being hired after last season to replace Hugo Cano.

Cano coached the track program for two seasons.

Prior to that, Jason Kohls coached the program for two seasons. Kohls first year saw the Redskins go from state champions a season earlier to scoring a half-point at the state track meet.

The last state championship came under Troy Neaville who coached one season after Cornelsen.

Merle Chesbro, who originally signed on to coach the girls team has been assigned to coach the boys as well, according to Liberal High School athletic director Scott Hinkle.

“Immediately,  Chesbro will be head track coach,” Hinkle said. “We will evaluate from there on out whether we hire another one to help him.”

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