The Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Board of Trustees will have its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Hobble Academic Building Board Room.
Agenda items include:
• Call to order
• Oath of office
• Approval of minutes of June 24
• Visitor reports
a. Introductions of new employees
b. Board of trustee comments
• Old business
• Hearings/petitions
• New business
a. Personnel report
b. Annual organization of board
1. Election of officers
2. Designation of voting delegate at ACCT Congress
3. Trustee committees
c. Board policy manual: Annual review of Board Policy Series No. 114, Policy on nondiscrimination/appointment of compliance officer
d. Adoption of FY2014 institutional goals
e. September board meeting date
f. Agreement to employ board attorney
g. Legal publication of the college
h. Authorization to publish FY2014 budget
• College reports
a. Dean Rapp
b. Dean Thatcher
c. Dean Donovan
d. Dean Sander
e. President Dunn
• Final June 2013 bills
• Bills pending
• Other
• Adjourn

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