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• Daily Leader

At Rine’s American Freestyle Karate’s most recent amateur mixed martial arts event, the room was filled to capacity to watch one of the nation's fastest growing sporting events.

Zach Atchley was one of the competitors, and he learned how to particpate in AMMA as a contestant last year in Rine’s AMMA Challenge.

Rine is once again opening the doors of his studio to train two hopefuls in the art of AMMA, at no charge in the AMMA Challenge 2.

AMMA is a completely amateur form of fighting but is similar to what is seen on Ultimate Fighting. There are more restrictions in AMMA with blows to the head and other contact, but it is a physical sport.

The two contestants will be able to attend workouts at RAFK.

Rine will teach the contestants how tro prepare for the battles in the octagon and how to practice mixed martial arts.

When the training is cimplete, the contestants wil get their shot in an AMMA bout inside the octagon at RAFK.

“We will train them at no cost, but they will have to make the commitment,” Dave Rine said.

Those interested in being a contest can send an email explaining why they believe they would make a good caniddate to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Selections will be made by Jan. 15.

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