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Cervantes keeps Brookdale tidy PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 September 2017 11:42


• Leader & Times

Tracy Cervantes is the head of housekeeping at Brookdale Liberal Springs. She talked about her start in the occupation, some of what her job involves and the family atmosphere at the assisted living facility.

Q: How did you become involved with Brookdale?

A: I make big messes, so I know how to clean them up. I always wanted to be in a place where I could be helping elderly people. I knew I could help them out.

Q: Where did you work prior to this?

A: I did housekeeping for customers outside of my house for at least three or four years. I was a stay-at-home-mom for a long time, and I worked at the hospital sterilizing instruments for the surgeries and things like that. They want me back, but I’m not going to go. I’ve done waitressing. Lots of stuff.

Q: What does your job involve?

A: Everything you’d need to have done at home plus a little extra. Some of the residents can’t take care of themselves whenever they have accidents. We have to have somebody who’s prepared to do that, who’s not going to turn up their nose and say, “Not me.” I can do that.

Q: How much of an effort does it take on a daily basis to do your job? Is it like in a motel?

A: It takes a lot. It’s more. In a motel, you don’t have the kind of atmosphere where you can have a relationship with the residents. It’s different because they really need somebody who cares.

On a daily basis, if we don’t want to be here, they can tell. If you can stop and talk to them even just for a couple of minutes, that makes their day sometimes, and I love that. When they can tell you a story, that’s even better.

Q: Was this always what you wanted to do?

A: I can’t say that honestly. When I was a little kid, I just thought I would be a singer. I can sing. I do sing for the residents at times. They really enjoy that, and that makes me happy too. I think I just always wanted to make sure that I could help somebody. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I don’t want to be here being useless, not just here, but on this planet.

Q: When did you start at Brookdale?

A: It was almost four years ago. I found out I had this job on my birthday, so it was kind of a birthday present. As an adult, you value different things. I had just split up with my ex, and my world was almost over. I needed a job. 

I don’t have any grandparents anymore, and I miss them. Getting to be here, it really does help me too.

Q: What is your average day like?

A: First thing, when I come in, we have a meeting so that we can all be on the same page. Then I get to run and round up laundry, start that. Then get to the housekeeping and go back and forth. Right now, we’re short handed. We need people who want to do this. 

Q: That makes your job even more stressful?

A: There’s a certain amount of rooms that we do during the day. Making sure those rooms are taken care of, the bathrooms, the kitchen, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming.

Q: How is the atmosphere?

A: On a daily basis, people come in. They have their own problems, but whether they like it or not, they’re in the back of your mind. Sometimes, you get to talk to one another as you’re working, and you do get to know each other. You get to know more about the residents because they can tell you what things are like for them.

The residents, I do think they get to know each other. It was so sweet. One day, we had a lady who was very upset because she couldn’t remember what had happened to her husband, and she didn’t want to live anymore. Another one who had known her in the past for more than 20 years was telling her it was going to be okay.

I didn’t even know that other resident had that side of compassion to them. That was a special day. The other lady was practically in tears before she started talking to her. After that, she was kind of calmed down. You just find things out every day that you didn’t know about life from these people.




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