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Friederich, Kinser receive recognition for service to USD No. 480 School Board PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 12:54


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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part one of the story recapping what occurred during the most recent meeting of the USD 480 school board Monday evening and will focus on the sendoff given to board members Matt Friederich and Delvin Kinser (as Monday was their last regular meeting as board members) as well as a brief recap of what was approved. Part two will recap discussion that took place regarding maintenance of the artificial turf on the fields and rekeying of building doors. 

The new year is rapidly approaching, which means it will soon be time to swear in new members to a few governing entities in Liberal, including the USD 480 school board. Monday evening marked the last regular meeting of board members Matt Friederich and Delvin Kinser and much praise was given for the work they did while being on the board. 

“Just think about it, a lot has gone on especially in the past four years,” Superintendent Renae Hickert said. “We had a successful bond campaign and these two were on the board when that occurred. The board worked diligently, with these two, to help pass the bond issue and have been involved in many things tied to that. They were on the board that approved all-day kindergarten, they were on the board when this board made a commitment to vastly update and improve our transportation fleet. This board also has the record for the most special board meetings in the past three or four years, more than any other school board around. We also can’t forget the bond issue is uniquely tied to the sales tax, and these two were very much involved in that. I remember going to that city commission meeting and hearing the words ‘With hat in hand, I’m here to ask for your support with the sales tax.’ I could go on and on but in short, these two have been great board members and as superintendent, I’ve appreciated their support always. When I’ve had tough times, they’ve been there for me and have been very supportive and have always been a great sounding board. I’m going to miss them a great deal and what they’ve brought to the table.”

Friederich and Kinser also expressed positive thoughts about their time on the board. 

“To see the changes throughout the district these years and to know we had a small part in that is very gratifying,” Kinser said. “I want to say thank you to my wife, who always tells me I don’t get enough sleep anyway and then I tell her ‘Sorry, those guys got to talking.’ She’s been a light for me and has supported me, so I appreciate that very much. To Ms. Hickert, thanks so much and I’m so proud of our district. We’ve had our bumps but we’re working on it, no one’s asleep at the switch. We’ve got some challenges but we’re determined to fix those things and I have the utmost confidence in the district we’ll be able to do well. To my fellow board members, gentlemen, I just want to say thank you. We’re not just fellow board members, I count each and every one of you as my friends and if I was ever in a place where help was needed, we’ve worked together enough and we’re family enough to where I can call and say ‘Hey, can you help me with this?’ or ‘Can I help you with that?’ The things we’ve gone through together ... I think about when my mother passed away and the great words that were shared with me from you all on this board, I think about those things, which will always be special. I want to say thank you all. I’m going to miss getting together with you all, but I am going to enjoy getting to bed at a reasonable hour since I have to get up before anyone in here.”

“I want to echo a lot of what Mr. Kinser said, I’ve really enjoyed this board,” Friederich added. “It goes back to 2013 and being elected by the public and having the community believe in me enough to be a school board member after I put my name in. Thank you board members, thank you staff and administration for what you’ve done in the district. I’ve gotten to know many different people from many different facets professionally and personally, and there’s some very strong involvement that’s been established. One thing that’s really opened my eyes is what’s being talked about in the coffee shops isn’t always what’s really going on so you really have to filter a lot of that out. Ms. Hickert, thank you for putting up with my opposing views at times. Like Mr. Kinser said, I’m going to miss coming here and having these in-depth and intriguing conversations but I know once I’m off the board, these relationships won’t end. I consider each and every one of you a friend of mine and have thoroughly enjoyed with you all.”

Other board members also expressed praise for Friederich and Kinser. 

“Mr. Friederich, I’ve enjoyed getting to work with the you, I’ve appreciated your wisdom and guidance in some things, the passion you both bring to the board, the commitment you’ve both shown,” board member Stu Cauble said. “Mr. Kinser, your guidance, your wisdom, your steadfastness and your sense of humor have all been appreciated and I’ve enjoyed working with you as well. Thank you both for your time, your effort and for serving.”

“The reason you say thanks is because we all recognize each other as board members,” board member Cliff Abbott added. “Thank you for the work you’ve put in and the sacrifices.”

“I want to say thank you to Mr. Kinser and Mr. Friederich for their leadership on the board here,” Board Vice President Travis Combs said. “I came on the board as kind of the young one, so I’ve really looked up to the two of you as board members, so thank you.”

“There’s a lot of good things going on throughout the district, so many of them that I can’t list them all or say them all,” board member Nick Hatcher added. “But we all can rest assured that USD 480 is in good hands, so thank you, you two, for your service.”

“Delvin and Matt, you both were there during a very dark time in my life, you guys are great,” Board President Steve Helm said. “I want to say thanks and I’m sure we’ll see you around soon.”

In other business, the board also approved independent study courses between Liberal High School and Seward County Community College, roof repairs to the Sunflower Elementary School building ($56,022.77) and Bright Start Early Learners building ($87,383.75) and ChromeBooks for the LHS CTE Department.




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